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In the meantime, two hours prior, a crooked elderly man was heading toward a town hall with a carriage. He was Steve, the old man that manages the toilet and sewage in the town before. As he sees a quite big white-colored building in the distance, he thought in his heart,

'The Lord was too generous. Collecting waste on the road, does it gives benefit to him?'

Just then, he feels the moving carriage stop and a guard's footstep comes from outside. The door was then opened and a guard with a black mustache spoke,

"Sir, we reach the place."

"Hmm…" The Steve old man nods and then takes his stick with him before descending the carriage.

He enters the town hall with the five guards that had to accompany him before. Inside, he didn't see a crowded place full of officials as most of them were at the plaza now.

He found one official in the distance and told one of the guards to call him. The official then approaches the crooked elderly man and gaze at him.

As he inspects the elderly man that was accompanied by five guards, he realizes that he must have a connection with someone high in the town.

Although the Steve old man was the manager of the public toilet, it didn't mean that he was well known in the town.

"Sir, what brings you to the town hall?" The official inquires curiously.

"I want you to make a written decree of the Lord's order!" The Steve old man answered with a serious tone.

"The Lord's decree? Please, elaborate!" The official was quite astounded by the statement and asked for further explanation.

Then, the Steve old man explained the task that Alex had given him in detail until finished. The official that just heard the order was shocked by it.

"The Lord wants us to organize people for collecting waste on the road? The Lord also will reward anyone that collects a bucket full of waste for 50 copper coins!?" The official start having a cold sweat that trickles down over his body.

"It might sound that this unbenefited him, but we must do the job." The Steve old man confirmed with a resolute voice.

"Yes, I will immediately gather the officials in the town hall and make the decree!" After the Steve old man gave a nod, the official then runs back to another room in the town hall.


Two hours after the written decree was being made, the people were just back from the plaza after receiving their reward.

Suddenly amid a crowd in some street of the town, an official from before came bringing some kind of brown paper roll. He stood amidst the crowd and got on top of a box that was placed on the street for no reason.

The townsfolk in the surrounding gaze to the official, as if they already know that he was going to announce something. This was how people in this era announce something to the people that come from the Lord.

As he opens the brown paper roll, he straightened his back and cough to gain attention. He began to read the writing on the paper.

"For the Lord dec

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