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In a domain not far away from Xendra Viscounty, there is a bustling city with a big manor in the middle of the city. Inside one of the rooms in the manor, there is a noble middle-age man with a shrewd face and a gloomy middle-aged man with a gloom aura around him.

The shrewd nobleman was standing in front of a French window with his left hand gripping his right wrist in his back. There was silence in this room until the calm was broken by the sudden sound that came from him.

"I hear that that brat Wyne is still alive and procuring a lot of iron, is the curse failed?" asked the nobleman while facing a scenery outside from the window.

"No, I'm sure that the curse was successful." The gloomy man that was sitting on the sofa with his hands clenched in front of his face has an expression of absolute certainty while contemplating and continued, "But I suspect there may be someone helping him cure the curse."

"Is it the 2nd Rank Magus Apprentice Herman?"

"I don't think so, he doesn't have the reason nor the ability to cure the curse, even a 5th Rank Magus Apprentice such as myself needed a lot of time to cure such a curse." The gloomy man shook his head in disagreement.

"Are you really certain that 'that' place is really in the Xendra domain?" With a doubtful expression plastered on his face, the shrewd nobleman turns his face to the back intimidatingly.

"Yes 'that' place must be there, I'm certain of it! My only chance to promote to a real Magus located there and of course, there is definitely plenty of magical treasure located in 'that' place!" Said the gloomy man full with a blazing desire in his eye.

"Good, if curse doesn't work then we just need to dispose of him with violence, I will send my private troop with a group of my personal knight that will impersonate as a bandit, I will also sell a lot of iron to him so that he wastes a lot of his funding but it may require some time to do that." The noble middle-aged man then smiles in shrewdness.

"That's fine, as long as I got 'that' it doesn't matter." The gloomy middle-aged man nods his head in agreement.


As I am trying to get to the library, I came across a maid with a tied black hair and a quite beautiful face, when I recall her name in Wyne's memory, I remember that she was Tia the head maid in the mansion. Just as I was about to pass her, she saw me with a surprised look and asked respectfully.

"Good Morning Young Master, may I know where you are going?"

"Oh, it's nothing far, I'm just going to the library." I shrug my shoulder as if in ignorance.

"That's unusual for you to be there! I will show the way." Tia opens her eyes wide, surprised by my willingness to go to the library.

"There's no need." Just when I said that I detect a sharp glint that appears from the corner of my vision and she flinched a little, I recall from Wyne's memory that she has a little of a sadistic tendency and hate being rejected.

"Then I will be going to instruct the maid to clean the mansion." Then the head maid left as if nothing happens.

"Yes, do as you may!" I said in a weird feeling as I left the periphery area.

The mansion itself wasn't that big, it's only about a hectare in size and around 10 hectares if included the surrounding garden and other places. There are also 20 or so personal guards protecting the mansion and they greet me in reverence as I passed them.

As I arrive at the library, I saw a room with quite a lot of books inside. There should be around five hundred books inside, it was quite a lot if considering how valuable paper is in this era.

'First I will need general knowledge and common sense in this world!' Alex searched the book and found several books containing knowledge about history and common sense.

The books explained that Xendra Viscounty is a nobility located in Raivia Kingdom which was just one of the six human kingdoms in the world of Axelion or so it was called.

There was th

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