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g to instruct the maid to clean the mansion." Then the head maid left as if nothing happens.

"Yes, do as you may!" I said in a weird feeling as I left the periphery area.

The mansion itself wasn't that big, it's only about a hectare in size and around 10 hectares if included the surrounding garden and other places. There are also 20 or so personal guards protecting the mansion and they greet me in reverence as I passed them.

As I arrive at the library, I saw a room with quite a lot of books inside. There should be around five hundred books inside, it was quite a lot if considering how valuable paper is in this era.

'First I will need general knowledge and common sense in this world!' Alex searched the book and found several books containing knowledge about history and common sense.

The books explained that Xendra Viscounty is a nobility located in Raivia Kingdom which was just one of the six human kingdoms in the world of Axelion or so it was called.

There was the Human Realm and the Demi-Human Realm, there was also the monster realm which was unexplored and treacherous region, it was rumored that there is a being that controlled the monster or some sort residing there. And there seems to be only one continent found in this world which was named Euporia Continent, the sea monster around the continent is aplenty and a lot of forbidden region surrounded the continent. At least that was what the book said.

There seem to be three Magus Dynasty in the past, The Infinity Dynasty, The Cloud Dynasty, and The Golem Dynasty, Although the book doesn't state the reason for the fall of the Magus Dynasty.

As I skip through the book, I came across a book with a hide cover and a gem decoration on the side of the book. As I read the title, I swallowed my saliva.

'Knowledge About Magus and Knight by Astrea Ludwin.'

As I open the book and read it, my eyes shone in excitement for what treasure I had just found.

'So, it's like that, huh… no wonder Magus is a very referred and scary existence while there is Knight that has extraordinary strength and capable of crushing stone with hand!'

In this world there are two major paths of cultivation, first is Knight that cultivate qi, they practice martial art with the use of qi to strengthen their body and was very proficient with melee and ranged weapon. And there is also Magus, a strange existence capable of manipulating mana and use magic. It was stated that there are five ranks for every major stage of cultivation, starting from 1st Rank continuously to 5th Rank. It was rumored that the higher their cultivation is, the longer their lifespan is.

'Such a shame that this book didn't describe how to attain Knighthood or to become a Magus and other books in this library wasn't that important, there are way too many knight story and poem in this library and the knowledge just amounted too little.' I sigh and shake my head in disappointment.

'I need to gather more knowledge

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