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amaliaverdezoto > The Overspace Magus Emperor > 19 Exploring the Ancient Magus Tower Part 1
As I got right in front of the giant 6 meters tall door of the Magus Tower, two robots in front of me push the door in.

The door open, as it revealed the darkness inside that could overshadow the world. There wasn't any light inside since it had been abandoned for thousands of years.

Fortunately, the robots had a body flashlight that could light the room. Then light starts to brighten the darkroom inside, revealing a circular room with 1000 square meters in size.

Inside of the room was a kind of round table with a weird carving on top of it as if it was an inscription of some kind. There were also 12 knight statues with all kinds of weapons in the surrounding edge of the room as if guarding any kind of intruder.

"Another golems? This must have been definitely a Magus Tower of the third Magus Empire era!" My eyes scan the surrounding for anything peculiar.

Strangely enough, the golems didn't attack when all of the robots were in the room. That makes me even more warry as having an active enemy is better than an observant and unknown enemy.

Then, I come near to the table in the middle and realize it was a table that could be rotated. There was a diagram or some kind carve above it that seems to be some kind of a puzzle.

"Weird? There seems to be a pattern. Vonix, could you scan this pattern and found the answer?" I pondered as I see a complex pattern of some kind and a hole in the middle.

["Affirmative, Scanning Initiate… Scanning Completed… this seems to be some kind of puzzle that a Magus usually used, Magus tend to cast their mana to it and activate it without messing with it"] Vonix answered in a still monotone voice.

"Mana? That's impossible for me right now since I haven't practiced the Magus meditation technique. Is there any way to solve the puzzle without using mana?" I start regretting not practicing Magus meditation technique but then cast that aside since it's not like I could learn it now and there.

["Positive, the puzzle could be solved but that might activate the surrounding golems that were in hibernation, Proceed?"] Vonix added.

"Proceed!" Then I directed the robots to take position, circling me at the center.

After that, the three 'Assistance Drone Robot' come near the table and from them came out some kind of a pincher robot hand. The three-pincher hand then begins rotating the table to make it become some kind of a pattern.

As the 'Assistance Drone Robots' were doing that, one by one of the knight golems at the side suddenly start moving and get down from the platform they were at before.

"Shit, they really are activating!" I cursed in dread as the robot in the front switch to melee weapon they bring.

Just then, the golems start getting closer and closer, enveloping all of the robots. All of the golems had some kind of weapons in their hand: mace, sword, lance, spear, axe and even bow. There are two golems for each weapon there is.

"This is bad, I should test the

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