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Two carriages could be seen were traversing the town with guards surrounding them. One at the front was a fancy carriage while the other at the back was a normal looking carriage that could be found easily at medieval town's street.

Suddenly a gray-haired man on top of a gray horse approach the fancy carriage before muttered with an uncertain expression,

"Young Master, is it really alright for you to inspect a place like that? I think that this kind of dirty place is unworthy to be inspected personally by the Lord of a territory!"

"Rest assured, I will just take a look for a brief moment before going back." I reassuringly said

As the two carriages were traversing streets after streets, people start getting harder and harder to find. Until the street became completely desolate with people and that was when the two carriages finally stop.

I take a peek to the scenery outside from the window and see that road was way smaller than the main road, a lot of the building was also in an almost unusable condition.

"Here I am, the slums!" I uttered to the place addressed in my surroundings in a weird way.

Although it was only the outskirt of the slums, it was dirty beyond belief. Just then, I see that the road was full of human waste littered on the side and it was mixed with sand and mud before being soaked in the rain multiple times.

My mood became awful in an instant and I told the guard outside to move the carriage back 20 meters away from the place, back to the entrance of the road.

Then, I told one of the guards outside to call the Steve old man out of his carriage and meet me at my carriage.

Not long after, a crooked elderly man with a stick comes to my carriage. I got out of my carriage to meet the old man. I was the first one to strike the conversation before he could even open his mouth,

"You should have seen the situation at this place, right? I will give you your first task to accomplish, I guess you had some suspicion for the task, no?" I inquired the crooked old man mischievously with a smile that wasn't a smile.

"Yes, of course, milord! Milord wants me to punish and discipline the people at the slums for having dumped their waste on the road, right?" The Steve old man smirks confidently while pointing his stick to the peoples hiding in the slums.

"What?" Hearing what the crooked elderly man was saying, I was disappointed by his old way of thinking, then I gaze at him disapprovingly before reprimanding, "No! I want you to clean this place!"

"I need you to gather the townsfolk to clean the waste that had been littering in the streets and not only at the slums!" I added while pointing to the waste that had been fused with a lot of things.

"But milord, if Milord were to issue a command to forcefully gather the townsfolk for free that might cause unrest!" The Steve old man interjected with a pale face that was as white as a paper.

"I never said to not pay them! I want you to told t

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