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To God be all honour, glory, splendour, majesty, and adoration. All strength comes from Him. I sincerely appreciate Him for the knowledge, grace, and wisdom He gave me, to come up with this

work. Due to His awesomeness, I was equally energised to compose all the poems that complement every chapter of the book. In fact, the writing of this book has compelled me to confess that "writing a book is NOT writing an ordinary essay." I am very grateful to my divine Leader.

My very special thanks go to my ever warm and caring husband, Obum, who has been my strength, my pillar, my great supporter in all my endeavours. His patience, warmth, encouragement, understanding, and care, during the period of the writing of this book, and even at almost every other time, cannot be measured. He equally took time to edit and make useful suggestions towards the finesse of the production. God will bless his moral and financial contributions towards the perfection of this book.

Worthy of mention is the valuable contribution of my children - Nnamdi, Chike, Nneamaka, Somtochukwu, Chinwe, Emmanuel, and Nmachukwu, my jewels of inestimable value. They furnished me with current information on the entertainment industry, and other contemporary issues, which formed part of my writing. Of special note is little Nma's constant supply of fruits to me whenever I was on the writing desk. That was really motivating.

I am sincerely indebted to the Director of FCT Universal Basic Education Board, Dr (Mrs.) Catherine Ezeilo, who wrote the foreword for this book. Equally, those, whose endorsements have humbled me, are the highly renowned writers and national figures, the pride of this nation, who sincerely demonstrated their appreciation of my work. They include: Professor Anezi Okoro, author of the popular novel The Village Headmaster; Professor O. C. Nwana, author of UNIVERSITY ACADEMICS IN NIGERIA: Memoirs of an Insider; Mr S. G. Okoli - author of Nigeria Will Surely Rise Again; Hajiya (Dr) Mrs Fatima Abdulrahman - The National President of All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS); Samuel Bigheart - Graphic/Web Developer and Mr Iheanyi Akwada - Managing Director, Giak Ventures Ltd. I am grateful to all of them.

I wish to acknowledge, in a special way, Professor (Mrs.) Julie Okpala, Professor of Geographic & Environmental Education, in whose London residence I wrote some of the chapters of this book. She made my stay in the United Kingdom a very pleasurable and memorable one. Professor Okpala was also a super motivator, as she continued encouraging me in my writing throughout the period of my stay with her. Her sincere advice was quite invaluable and led to the enhancement of the quality of this book.

My special gratitude also goes to my in-law, Mazi Kaycee Igwegbe Odum, for his moral and physical support, especially in his immense and sincere assistance to me on some privileged information and contacts, prior to the publication of the book. His mobilisation prowess is really a great gift from God. He is not just an in-law to me, but, a faithful and reliable brother. His wife, Ifeyinwa Igwegbe, my dear sister, was equally of great assistance to me in the course of writing this book. Her sincere concern for my successful outing knew no bounds, as she continuously made useful suggestions towards the final production. Her love, which she shares to all and sundry, especially in her professional calling as a nurse, has always been a source of motivation to me.

I acknowledge the efforts of those who assisted me in the typing of the draft manuscript of the work - Mrs. Okoro, Nonso, and Chika, whose speed on the keyboard led to the early printing of the initial copies of the work. I am also heartily grateful to all those who took time to edit this work, especially, Su'eddie Vershima Agema, a professional editor himself, and his SEVHAGE team, particularly Debbie Iorliam and Aôndosoo Andrew Labe, who undertook the pro

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