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Being close to our Creator is a fundamental need of every human being. We are all products of a Supreme Creator, and we cannot perform optimally without Him. This calls for our closeness to Him at all times. That is just the healing to our chaotic inner selves, which, in turn, leads to greater productivity and full unlocking of the gifts we are endowed with. If we acknowledge that we were created, then we need to think of our Creator, without whom we shall not be existing. Our closeness to Him is the determining factor for any breakthrough we wish to achieve in life. Without Him, all our supposed gifts and talents are meaningless, as we cannot be in a position to optimise the use of such gifts. There is absolutely nothing we can do on our own. God has the ultimate power. Since all power belongs to Him, our closeness to Him is sacrosanct, so that we can be empowered with the talents we have.

While we will talk about how our closeness to the Creator is tied to the Holy Books, we should note that there are more reasons than being 'religious' to creating a relationship with the all-knowing being. Imagine this: if you have a problem with anything, who best will know how to sort it out other than the person who made it? It is the same with the world. When we go through challenges, evils and others, who do you think can best sort us out? Yes, you are right: Our Creator. Note that depression sets in many times to make us wonder what this world is about. It takes only the grace of the heavens to give us peace. While this might seem outlandish, give it some thought and if you do it, continue. But let us explore more of this closeness to the Creator and why it is important.

Acknowledge God's Presence It is only a fool that says in his heart: "There is no God" (Psalm 14:1). If you are a reasonable person, you will always acknowledge God's presence in your daily life, and try not to be boastful or proud. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. With wisdom, we are highly empowered to make exploits in life.

The reason for us to acknowledge God's presence is that we need to understand that we can do nothing without Him. If we turn our faces to Him, and drop the pride in us, and seek Him, and give Him a chance, He will answer and take care of us and every detail of our lives. In fact, we should recognise the fact that God has never let anyone down. He is the Alpha and Omega.

To acknowledge God's presence, we need to begin each day with a prayer, because He keeps watch over us. Not only should we begin the day with prayer, we should also end the day with prayer. By so doing, we are acknowledging the fact that God is the owner of our lives. Prayer that acknowledges God's ever present power establishes the results of His power. God is there, continuously nurturing and caring for us. Let us always acknowledge His presence in our lives.

Make God Your Friend

If we want to be friends of God, we have to obey Him. The laws have already been outlined in the Holy Books. What we owe Him is our obedience to His Word. God listens, that is why we need to make Him our friend. A true friend always listens to his friend to know what is happening in his life. Our God is a prayer-answering God, so, He is our Best friend.

Making God our friend will avail us the opportunity of understanding that He enjoys spending time with us. He wants us to always come to Him, with whatever burden we may have. God loves us even when we make mistakes, so, why run away from your Creator? Definitely, a good friend is the one that will not despise you. The good train we need to enter is the friendship train of God. A reliable friend is the one who is always honest. God is honest, and He can never deceive us. We need to enter a good relationship with him, because He will never allow us to perish. Our lives will change for good. When we are discouraged, the only true source of encouragement is God. This is why we need to b

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