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m. The laws have already been outlined in the Holy Books. What we owe Him is our obedience to His Word. God listens, that is why we need to make Him our friend. A true friend always listens to his friend to know what is happening in his life. Our God is a prayer-answering God, so, He is our Best friend.

Making God our friend will avail us the opportunity of understanding that He enjoys spending time with us. He wants us to always come to Him, with whatever burden we may have. God loves us even when we make mistakes, so, why run away from your Creator? Definitely, a good friend is the one that will not despise you. The good train we need to enter is the friendship train of God. A reliable friend is the one who is always honest. God is honest, and He can never deceive us. We need to enter a good relationship with him, because He will never allow us to perish. Our lives will change for good. When we are discouraged, the only true source of encouragement is God. This is why we need to be friends with Him. He is an awesome God. God is never tired of helping us. He is always available. With Him in our hearts and mind, we make happy and sensible decisions, and surely, accomplish our daily tasks, with an elevated spirit. He makes a way where there seems to be no way. No friend can

be more reliable than God. He is the best.

Prayer - The Key To Success

Prayer is the language through which we fellowship with our God. This is a very important ingredient for being close to God. When we pray, we are simply communicating with God. If we do not communicate with Him, how then do we approach Him to take care of our ventures and exploits? Power belongs to Him and He, alone, can give that power to whom He pleases. If you feel that you are the cause of your greatness or your achievements in life, you are misleading yourself. Without God, nothing is possible; therefore, we owe Him our consistent prayers, either to make our bad conditions to be good, or to make our good conditions to be better. Prayer to our Creator is the way to success.

Peace of mind is produced through prayer. As we pray, we should have faith, not fear, because, God answers the prayers of those who seek Him earnestly. Faith will make us unshakeable in our prayer lives. We should pray without ceasing, as we are always being admonished. There can never be an overdose of prayer. In the family circle, we need to adopt a prayer lifestyle for all the members of the family. In the offices, we need to pray before commencing any activity. In all endeavours, we need to pray first, because, it is the master key to our success in life.

Prayer to God is power-packed. When we pray, believing that we have already received what we are praying for, God answers us. He honours His word. God desires to direct us at every turn, and it is a developed prayer life that will make it easier for Him to guide us. Prayer remains the key word to a successful life.

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