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The practice of any action that will lead us to our doom is a dangerous game. Many of such practices exist, and, unfortunately, people are often 'trapped' by such unpleasant circumstances. The consequence is that we lose focus on attaining that enviable height we are supposed to reach, to empower ourselves, and the chances of unlocking one's potential will be blocked. Such games are practised everywhere — in the school system, in the church/mosque, in offices, in the markets, and, even in the streets. These games are practices like use of drugs, cheating, lying, stealing, truancy, and so much more. People should not be involved in such practices, as they hinder their ability to fully unlock the potentials in them, through great use of their

natural endowments.

Students' Involvement

In the school set-up, students have tricks which deprive them of achieving their goals. Such tricks range from truancy, pilfering, lateness, bullying, absenteeism from lessons, cheating in exams, non-participation in sporting activities, non-involvement in club activities, falsehood, cultism, to drug addiction. All these vices, when curbed, will pave way for these children to obtain far better results, which will enable them unlock their potentials.

The use of hard drugs is one of the world's most contemporary vices. Hard drugs inflame the mind, sedate the heart, and make the body feel 'high.' Hard drug leaves its victim a wretch on one hand and a danger to others, on the other hand. It is these hard drugs that students in higher institutions or even secondary schools take, which make them act in violent ways. This is because meaningful things appear meaningless, after smoking the rubbish. Hard drugs destroy these young ones and make some of them to be mentally deranged later. Their behaviours within that particular period of taking the drugs are completely unacceptable, and it is an unfortunate situation.

Another vice is examination malpractice, which is very common amongst students who are desperate to excel, without corresponding input of labour and diligence. How can you reap where you did not sow? This calls for serious concern, to avoid producing fake graduates and half-baked graduates, who cannot defend their certificates.

The exposure to pornography is eating deep into the emotional life of students. This practice as a vice is becoming rampant in schools. Students are often caught with pornographic videos and pictures which are downloaded into their mobile phones — which, of course, are not supposed to be allowed in schools. Most parents are not aware of this. However, let it be stated fully that this practice kills the psyche of these tender hearts.

A survey of students who have passed out from their various institutions shows that students who really obeyed the school rules and regulations, and who were serious with their studies, are the ones that the society is using today. Many are now professionals in their various fields of endeavour. We have doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, architects, and so on. What about the others who were 'small gods' when they were students? Most of them ended up gnashing their teeth due to societal unacceptability. What is the implication of this experience for those who are still in the school? – This is your chance, either to make it or to get lost. The choice is yours.

Teaching Or Cheating The Students?

Teachers play a significant role in the lives of students. Consequently, any negative act by a teacher, through commission or omission, affects the future and subsequent unlocking of potentials in those students. Students are like sheep; therefore, they need shepherds who will conscientiously guide them, for them to be able to attain their full potentiality. The work of a teacher is to teach the students and never to cheat them. As a teacher, your influence affects the life of every student who is in your class. A good teacher is expected to be resourceful, patien

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