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nt, resilient, adaptable, dedicated, creative, passionate, caring, inspirational, empathetic, accountable, determined, compassionate, and, of course, organised. Cheating students, rather than teaching them, is a provocative practice, because, the measure you use to give to others will be the one that will be used to measure for you.

A good teacher loves to teach. Such a teacher will definitely have love and passion for teaching the children under his care. This attitude has everlasting effect on the students. Believe this - these children dread teachers who do not have passion for the profession. Anyone who went through the school process surely and quickly remembers the favourite teachers and the terrific ones. They know teachers who are effective and those who do not change their academic lives positively. An effective teacher is resourceful. He is always willing to think outside the box. He will always be thinking of how to be creative and adaptable to the students' situations, for them to be able to grasp and understand the lesson. A good understanding of the content of what to be taught is what makes a good teacher. The teacher understands the content and knows how to impart that knowledge to the students, for them to understand. As a matter of fact, he plans his lesson very well before going to handle the students. He can never go to the class, unprepared.

A great teacher is the one who is dedicated to his calling. He always comes early to school. He never misses his lessons. He spends extra time, providing students with the best education. Sometimes, he uses part of his weekend to coach the students, especially when they are preparing for examinations. There is no doubt that a good teacher is caring and compassionate. He cares about the success of the children and will do everything positively possible for the students to come out in flying colours, never through cheating, anyway. He figures out the personalities and interests of each student. A real teacher motivates the students through challenges like class activities, assessments, quiz and/or giving them homework. Equally, he does a follow up, in terms of correcting. This is to ensure that students fully comprehend the lesson; he is not involved in a 'make-belief teaching.'

It is unfortunate, to find out that some teachers play on the intelligence of these young ones, by refusing to do the work they have been sent to do. These erring teachers indulge in cheating the students in various ways, such as: missing their lessons; leaving the notes to be copied by the students without their supervision; sleeping in the class, while the students are left to continue with their noise-making; and dressing in provocative ways, thereby distracting the students' attention. This crop of teachers who are cheating the students lack content of knowledge of their lessons before going to meet the students. Instead of teaching, they are cheating the students! How can a teacher go to the class, unprepared, and expect the students to be happy with him or her? There was this funny story of a teacher who went to the class and started sleeping. Unfortunately for him, the inspectors came in and met him sleeping. Thinking that he would play 'cleverness' when he saw the inspectors, he quickly stood up and pretended that he was doing a demonstrative type of teaching, and asked the students: "Class, what am I doing?" They all shouted: "You are sleeping, sir." The inspectors were not impressed! That led to the teacher's dismissal.

A bad teacher is always prone to cheating. Since he finds it difficult and unimportant to fully engage the students during normal lessons, he resorts to aiding and abetting exam malpractice. He freely gives out answers to students in the exam hall, so that they will pass his subject, especially in external examinations. Not only that, he arbitrarily awards marks to students in a test that never took place. You can imagine the damages he is causing to the

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