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Idleness, which is a state of not being occupied, is a negative trait that can deny someone a huge opportunity for greatness in life. It is an ill wind that blows no one any good. It destroys the souls of many, due to its resultant negative consequences. It retards the positive functionality of the brain. It comes up with many evil thoughts. A popular Italian painter, sculptor, and architect, Leonardo Da Vinci, shared his view thus: "Just as iron rusts from disuse; even so does inaction spoil the intellect." The body is like a machine which needs constant servicing, to perform optimally.

Idleness does not only tempt us to sin, but it causes a lot of sins and even, depression. It is when we are idle that we feel bored and tend to eat too much, gossip with people, sit too much on the videos, recount old memories, complain of bad moods, and equally, think of committing one negative action or the other, as the saying goes: "the idle mind is the devil's workshop." You need to make great use of your intellect in any way you find yourself disposed to do so. Idleness is a strong enemy in one's bid to empower himself with his own natural gift.

Watch Out For Signs Of Idleness

Many a time, we find ourselves neglecting what we are expected to do at a particular time. Equally, we find ourselves 'trapped' in doing the things we are not expected to do at that particular point in time. People who usually fall victims of such are those who never make plans. Lack of plan of action can seriously lead to idleness.

Many instances of idleness exist. When you see yourself sleeping too much, for instance, when others are either reading or working, it is a sign of being idle. The hours of unnecessary sleep you wasted would have been used for positive productivity by you. Of course, when you are tired, you are expected to rest and sleep, because the body needs rest, after exerting much energy. However, too much sleep can deny you of some other vital things, because idleness has set in.

Some people are engulfed in random browsing, without any specific aim. They are simply 'busy' wasting their precious time they would have channelled into more useful ventures. Both students and some other adults are guilty of this, and this negative trend is eating deep into the society. I do not see why a child in the secondary school should be browsing areas which are morally forbidden for him at that stage. If that child had picked up a novel to read, or engaged himself in an intellectual work that would make him grow, he cannot be said to be idle.

Gossiping is another sign that will prove to you that you are idle. If your mind is preoccupied with some work, you will not have time to be gossiping about another person. Of what good is it to sit on somebody's character, either to assassinate the character or destroy your own soul because of your evil thoughts? Some people cannot stay put in their houses, because of their love for gossip. Their children may not eve

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