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It is always necessary to enlighten others. When we drive darkness, the resultant effect of illumination is witnessed, and this brings joy. It is by showing the light that our worth is brought to bear and the success of others is advocated. This equally leads to the full realisation of our being and the consequent self-empowerment. When I was appointed the Pioneer Principal of one of the Junior

Secondary Schools in FCT, Abuja, I felt that it was a calling for me to go and 'show the light'. For clarification sake, that was the second Government school I was called to establish. Inspired by the biblical injunction which says: "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven," I was led

to establish the school with the motto: 'Show The Light'.

My students were moved to appreciate that it was through their actions that the environment would be sanitised; their bright future would be guaranteed; and the nation would be exalted, as they were equally tutored that they were the salt of the nation. The regular recitation of the school motto by the students turned to be like an anthem, just as they equally sang the national and school anthems, so that no one would play ignorance of the motto of the school. I still feel proud of the staff and students who strived to live up to the motto of the school. Some of the students who have passed out from the school are testifying that they are really 'a light unto others' in their new places of abode and studies. This gives me joy and a sense of fulfilment.

This is a guiding principle, as I have lived to understand that, it is only in showing the light to others that we can also be established. Definitely, a tree cannot make a forest, which is why we must be led to showcase what we have, for others to imbibe, so that we can build a strong nation. If everyone should display what he or she is endowed with, without hoarding one's gifts, then the world would be a desirable place to live in.

A Little Recall

As a matter of recall, my very first posting as a principal of a secondary school in FCT gave me a deep insight into what was expected of 'the leaders of tomorrow.' Realising that the bedrock of any nation lies greatly on the education of the children, I came up with the motto for that first school as: 'Education for Excellence'. Since I had the opportune time to be the very first principal of the school, I had to take a deep breath before coming up with that motto. That 'excellence' remains the watchword of the school till today. It is a great testimony that the pioneer head boy of that school gained admission to study Medicine in one of the Nigerian prestigious universities.

Of greater joy is the fact that some other products of that school have joined him in that course, while many others, who have really strived for excellence, are in other higher institutions and offering various courses. It is a pride to see that your

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