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Trends simply refer to a prevailing tendency or inclination at a particular time. It is a 'current' style. The ICT - Information and Communication Technology, which refers to all the technology used

to handle telecommunications, broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, audio-visual processing and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions, is now a household name in Nigeria. That is the trend that most people are involved in, and they are using it towards their success. For us to fully embrace this concept, we all need to be taught valuable knowledge and skills around computing and communications devices, software that operates them, applications that run on them, and systems that are built with them. The knowledge of these will enhance productivity in all establishments - schools, offices, business settings, religious organisations, and so on. This translates to the ability of someone to commit to greater use of the talents he has.

Sometime ago, a man approached me in the office, while I was transferring files from one computer to the other. Surprised, he asked me: "Lady, so you know how to operate all these?" I looked at him and answered with a smile, "Why not?" He confessed that he had not really made out time to go into such "stressful" actions. I was quick to react: "Stressful?" Unfortunately, he had not yet understood that the essence of going into computer usage was to make my work less stressful. It is true that the beginning of anything is always tedious but the results are always worth it; the ends justify the means. I vividly remember that when I started learning how to use a computer, I felt stressed up, but I thank God for my computer instructor who was always patient with me. The reward for my determination and his patience? Today, I have joined one of the major trends: I am ICT compliant!

ICT - A Necessity

The truth is that computer literacy is a must for everyone if you wish to be comfortable in this century. What can you do these days without that? The ultimate is to move with the trend of events. When others are joining Facebook, for instance, create your own page and use it, but wisely. When others are on Twitter, follow them to tweet. When others are sending mails via emails, sign up, and create your own email address. You are simply making your life to be smoother and much easier.

It was in the year 2000, under the Obasanjo administration, that Nigeria developed a policy on Information Technology (IT), with the aim of making Nigeria an IT adapted country in Africa. It was further aimed at making Nigeria a leading player in the use of ICT as an implement for sustainable development and global competitiveness13. This has changed the lot of the country for the better. Many people have keyed into this perspective. From indications on the way people are moving, the world may leave behind anyone that is not ICT compliant.

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Easier Lifestyle

There is no doubt that the use of ICT has changed our lifestyles. You can visualise a lecturer delivering lectures through power presentations. The students are having access to better perceptions of what is being discussed through the slides used in these presentations. The lecture is even made more interesting and the students can take these presentations to study later.

Our daily financial transactions online (through online and mobile banking) are really giving a whole lot of people relief. One can sit in the comfort of one's home to send money to loved ones or conduct business transactions without going to the bank. One can also easily book flights without driving to the airport; send mails without going to the post office; chat with loved ones without travelling to their places of abode. How else could life be easier?

ICT – Playing Great Roles

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