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This is a state of being vigilant; being watchful, keeping safe from harm or danger; and being careful to avoid being tricked or getting into a dangerous situation. Being on guard means that, in your thoughts, 'anything can happen'. Of course, no one can predict what will happen in the next moment; hence precautionary measures are very important in our lives. If we are not cautious in our actions, unlocking our potentials will be threatened.

Who Do You Associate With?

You need to be mindful of whom to trust these days. Some people are so overconfident in others that they 'sell' off themselves to such treacherous ones. Trust is expensive and should not be offered easily. It should be earned.

Check your associates very well. Do not just cling on to someone simply because you want to establish a relationship. Your personality is mostly measured by the kind of friends you keep; which goes to say you should not even trust your presence in the company of some people before you get the tag of being like them. This is what informs the saying: 'Show me your friend and I will tell you who are.' Take time to find out the true lifestyle, principles and worldview of anyone you are associating with. The days are evil, so you need to protect your life.

Check On Your Children

Frank Olize, a former NTA veteran broadcaster and presenter always started the popular Sunday NTA magazine programme, Newsline saying: "Do you know where your children are?" This remains a vital question. This question used to move many parents to start calling their children to know their dispositions at that particular point in time. A consistent check on your children makes them know you care and that you can check on them at any time. This keeps them on their guard and away from doing the constant evil they otherwise might have tried. They always await your call. Consequently, they adjust and reduce negative tendencies. A parent who ignores the protection of his children is not worthy to be called a parent.

Constant check on your children shows that you are proactive. They are your jewels of inestimable value, so you would naturally not love to lose them. That is a way of showing them love and care. Monitoring their school activities, to prevent a situation of being dismissed from school, is necessary. Their academic records should be on your fingertips, to know when they are progressing and when they are, possibly, retrogressing. This is to know when to assist them, especially during preparations for exams.

Apart from their academics, their moral disposition should be closely monitored by you. You should be on guard always, as far as these children are concerned. Help them avoid a life of regret, by averting ugly and embarrassing situations. When you know the kind of friends your children keep, and these friends are the right kind, your mind will be at rest when they go on visits. Encourage them to bring their friends to the house so that you can advise them on proper lifestyles, especially while away.

Being on guard is not the sole responsibility of parents, because, children leave their homes to go to different places particularly school. School administrators and teachers who are always glued to the chairs in their offices will not be able to have proper checks on the students. You must develop the eyes of an owl —looking in all directions —to control the children under your care. It is possible for you to be luxuriating inside your office, while the students are busy burning down a classroom, or killing one another with dangerous weapons. You need to sit up, if you must achieve the goal of administration.

In every aspect of life, close monitoring should be used where children are concerned. Parents should endeavour to provide the needs — not really the wants — of the children, to reduce the tendency of the children seeking assistance through immoral means. An example is in the handling of the girl- child. She is tender and c

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