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Sharing one's experience is one of the great ways of forging ahead in life. It is a rewarding fun because, as one shares his experience, he learns more from others and consequently, adds to the existing one. Sharing of experience opens one up to higher opportunities, as he becomes better equipped to face life challenges and fun. Some people are so selfish that they forget that iron sharpens iron. Of course, it takes two to tangle. When others do not benefit from you, of what use is your knowledge? It is only your ability to impart knowledge on others that will make you seem knowledgeable. This is by making them equally know what you know.

You are encouraged not to hoard your experience. Bring it into limelight, for others to tap from that your wealth of experience. If people such as Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and the like, had not shared their experiences, I wonder what the world would have become. After learning from others, teach other people. That is the spirit of sharing.

The More You Teach Others, The More You Learn

I remember when I started attending computer literacy classes. Any new topic taught by my instructor gave me excitement and I was always eager to share the experience with others. The secret with this practice is that the more you teach others, the more you learn. I think that was really what made me progress in my computer work, as I was always eager to 'dish out' my new knowledge on the subject matter. I made it fun, and so, I never bordered what it took me in terms of time and materials.

In the office, some are talented in some areas more than their co-workers, and they vehemently refuse to share their knowledge, and this brings out low turnout of productivity. If everyone should bring out his own potentiality, the performance index of offices and workers therein will be very high.

For the school system, the students are always encouraged to share their knowledge through assistance to the less advantaged ones. Most of the time, it is when you assist fellow students that the remaining stuff gets manifested. You are even servicing your brain through that means. Bring out time; create study groups, whereby you will have the opportunity to share your experience with others. In the class, never attempt to hide yourself, or hoard the answer. Be brighter by showcasing what you have.

Don't Die In Silence

Some may not be as intelligent as others, and they may feel shy to share their own experiences. No! It is not the best practice. When you bring out what is in you, you will have the opportunity for improvement. Nobody can correct you when you have not yet voiced out your opinion or experience. If you feel you have a problem, share it with someone else because, 'problem shared is half- solved.'

Your experience can be a key to unlocking your neighbour's potential. This goes on to say that, through you, someone else can be empowered. The credit is yours, of course. Equally, your experience, when shared, gives another person the room to empower you. This life is not worth 'dying in silence.' What differentiates us, as human beings, from animals, is that we can reason. Therefore, a fellow human being can reason with you, and proffer solution to your problems. Shared experience reveals to you that you cannot do it all alone. Refuse to give up, but rather, confide in someone, and you are on your path to better life again.

Eleanor Roosevelt, an American Political leader and former First Lady of USA9, encourages us thus: "The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." So, let us imbibe the practice of sharing our life's experiences, to create smoother way of handling our ventures.

A Cherished Shared Experience

I will always cherish the story my dad told us when we were growing up. He shared his experience in football, with us. As a disciplinarian, he believed in devoti

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