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We all have far more potential power and ability than we are currently using. However, some people do not realise that they have this powerful potential and consequently, do not bother themselves

about such. When you look inwards, you will see that there is something you need to do with yourself, to reach that enviable height designed for you. What are your thoughts about yourself? What expectations do you have of yourself? What do you want to attract in your personal and professional life? What do you want to be known for? These are some of the questions that will help you feel the need to unlock your potential and the need for you to be more than what you are presently.

Definitely, you require the ability to have high expectations of yourself (dreams), expectations that you would succeed at what might appear to be a lofty vision. However, you need to be encouraged by the words of Charles M. Schwab, a famous American steel magnate and businessman, known for his manipulative skills and risk taking habit. Schwab once said that none of us is born with a stop-value on his powers or with a set limit to his capacities. There is no limit possible to the expansion of each one of us. Realising that you are going somewhere greater than your present status is a great move into unlocking that potential in you.

Those Childhood Days

I remember how our childhood experiences moved some of us into working towards realising the stuff we are all made of. Amongst the children, you could visualise future actors/actresses, musicians, footballers, teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, comedians, and so on. Some of the children were found engulfed in acting some professional roles through drama or plays. Today, some of them are full-time professional actors and actresses. Some others were fond of singing and creating music (playing instruments). Today, too, most of them have become successful artistes. This is because those who were dedicated took their time to work on their abilities which have made them successful today.

Sadly, in those days, comedians were not given full recognition, so, some wasted their talents in comedy by not using that to grow. As a matter of fact, they were regarded as semi-fools. But, good enough, some of them realised they could use it to attain their full potential. So, what is the story today? They are the ones taking the stage, as no one feels that an occasion is complete without a comedian. They are offering health solutions to people who are fully stressed up, and this brings succour and relief to such people, as they are moved to smile, laugh, relax their bodies, and even being relieved of high blood pressure.

Still, on comedy, a comedian once shared this story at a function: "A man came back from church one day and was unusually high in spirit. He went straight to the wife and lifted her up. The wife, who incidentally did not go to church with him that day, felt the husband wanted to rekindle his love for he

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