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To their credit, the Thunderous Flame sect proved that, unlike most of their peers, they could fight smart. Instead of dogpiling her, they circled warily, the heavy hitters staying in front of her, while quicker fighters dodged to the sides, trying to surround her.

Fire began to glow around the few ranged attackers that had not exhausted themselves, ready to provide fire support to distract her. This strategy was a good strategy. The people who could take a hit going in for melee while the weaker members of the sect circling out of her line of sight, all the while attempting to give ranged support.

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What they didn't take into account was that she could feel where they were, and while her magic muscles were strained, she could still use Sol for ranged attacks. Suspended inside the sut, she commanded it forward. With no delay, it burst towards its nearest target, legs crashing into the sand, going from standing still to a near blur instantaneously.

The woman she was aiming for lifted the tattered ends of her warrior's robe, a thin shell of flame extending in front of her as she tried to block. Steff's stone weapons went right through it, striking the woman in her solar plexus, knocking her over. She collapsed in a breathless heap, the first to bite the dust.

Another one burst from behind her, wrapping lightning around his legs, jumping into a flying kick aimed at the back of her head. A pillar of stone erupted from the ground in front of him bringing an end to his attempt, sending him sliding to the ground, even as she caught a dulled glaive against one of her weapons and sent it flying with a burst of sol.

Ice around her attacker's ankles froze a firefist in place, and a solid kick to his nose sent him flying, crashing into two linked mages who were preparing to fire...something at her. Judging by the backlash and subsequent explosion, it hadn't been confetti.

A needle thin beam of fire sliced into her back, fighting to break the ice, slowly sheering a path through her armour. Commanding the ground, she threw up a stone wall in its path, while fending off two other attackers at the same time, one weapon caught in a flaming whip, the other batting away spear thrusts.

Growling, she applied a burst of sol to the golem's left arm, yanking the ladyboy in tight leather off his feet as he held onto his whip for dear life, whirled him around her head and threw him across the arena. What kind of fucking idiot used those rope handles to keep a whip attached to their hand anyway? Someone who was too lazy to carry one. Steff felt Some small satisfaction as the ladyboy screamed and flailed for his life, his whip catching an ally in the forehead and breaking their concentration, sending a lightning bolt shooting wildly into the sand.

Turning both weapons on the other, she battered him down with her advantage in strength and speed, until she managed to encapsulate his weapon in a small pillar of stone. A flurry of fast, light hits sent him to the ground, moaning. Just in time for a firebolt to strike her in the shoulder and send her staggering forward.

The mage from before was back, and he had friends. Another thick, bloated bolt of fire streaked towards her while three different warriors charged her. He was definitely a threat right now. Steff extended her control into a linear path, she gritted her teeth and expanded precious Sol to put up a small pillar behind him, then toppled it forward, burying him underneath. Throwing herself to the side she let the firebolt glide past, then she buried her feet in stone and sand and wound up.

Snapping her arms forward, she threw both maces in whirling arcs, flattening two warriors before engaging the third in suit-to-hand combat. Really, it was unfair. He was just a slaving, probably murdering dude going about his daily business, when BOOOM, along

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