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Tara woke up with a jolt. She looked around wildly, buried in the sheets of Steff's bed. Her eyes flew over the walls, taking in the clean area. her clothes neatly folded and waiting for her, Steff herself was sitting in a chair in the corner, reading a scroll in the torchlight.

"Finally up, sleepyhead?"

"What? Where?"

"Okay, first question. How much do you remember about last night?"

The other woman frowned, thinking back, then blushed.

"All of it...mistress."

"You fine with it? I mean, you were under the influence of some aphro, and we got pretty wild."

"...I think I am, mistress. I've always been somewhat of a nympho."

Steff grinned, pleased that the other woman wasn't the least bit ashamed about admitting it. She folded up the scroll, stowing it in her bag, then stood up and stretched.

"So, how do i rate? On a scale of one to ten?"

"A solid nine, mistress."

"Good enough. Also, Tara?"

Tara yawned, then quickly got up, throwing off the covers and getting dressed unashamed of her naked form.

"Yes, mistress?"

"Call me Steff. What I said yesterday holds. You don't need to address me as 'mistress' all the time, only if you want to. I'm more comfortable with Steff. Okay?"


Languidly, Steff stretched, loosening all her muscles, then she walked over to her armour.

"Want to help me put this on? I can do it, but two hands are better than one."

Tara quickly complied, and the next few minutes were spent in a racket of metal as Steff guided her through helping her put on the unfamiliar armour. The other woman was putting up with the whole slave thing pretty well, to tell the truth. Her mood darkened when she thought about the fact that this was normal, everyday here. And people just readily accepted it.

Together, they left the room, Steff cracking a few jokes about Tara's flexibility, the other woman laughing along.

Half an hour later found both of them in the underground eating area of the coliseum, sitting at a wooden table, eating what passed as breakfast. It wasn't much, meat and vegetables, balanced for energy and provision, while skimping on actual taste. A fighters meal. One thing that never changed no matter where she went. She sighed.

"What is it, mistress?"

"I wonder what kind of dickheaded moron prevents the food that's GOOD for you from actually tasting good. All the shit that's bad for you tastes great, but if it's good for your body, it tastes bad. It's like the Illuminati want everyone to be too obese to resist their takeover of the world."

She just looked confused, and Steff waved her off.

They continued eating breakfast in peace, laughing and joking, already fast friends. Suddenly, a shout interrupted them.


Looking up, she found the last person she wanted to see right now. striding towards her. Lyssen, the main character.

"You cheater! It's all your fault! Give me back Tara-chan right now."

For a second, Steff cons

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