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"His holiness, Emperor Yakati Hon Ling, Radiant of The Dawn, The Peacekeeper, Divine Sword of the Empire, A thousand years of eternal life to him, is negotiating a peace treaty with a foreign diplomat. However, by his orders, you may enter. Your slave will stand beside the door, unsullying the Emperor with her lowly presence."

Steff scowled at the short woman, but nodded and was waved through.

The Emperor's quarters, were, of course, opulent in the extreme. Big, soapy bath out on an open balcony a giant bed visible through open doors to the side and, of course, a throne. Currently occupied by a skinny old man.

Being sucked off.

By an elf.

Who looked really important, if the silk and the golden circlet were anything to go by. She had long white hair, pointy ears. a figure any model or porn star would KILL for, and her grace was apparent even as she performed fellatio for the emperor.

Steff stood there in silence for a few minutes, ignoring the knocking sound coming from the leg of her armour, and just watched. She had to admit, the elves' fellatio skills were top notch.

She and Tara stood near the door, watching. For some reason, Steff couldn't tear her eyes off the sight, something drawing her towards the two. Shrugging, she just leaned against the wall and watched a pro in action.

It took a while, but finally, the two were done. The 'Emperor' leaned back with a sigh, flopping into his throne bonelessly. the elvish woman stood with a single graceful movement. cast a haughty look at the two of them, a considerable feat considering she had cum all over her face, and glided away. moving towards the rooms in the back.

they stood for a few more moments before the old man noticed the two of them, and beckoned Steff forward. Acting on a suspicion, she addressed the man in English as she neared him.

"Damn, where can i rent me one of those?"

Instead of looking surprised or uncomprehending, he grinned at her, exposing gaps in his teeth while covering himself. He replied to her in fluent English.

"Kekeke. Nowhere. Reserved for my personal use. You wouldn't want her, anyway, far too demanding."

"Sooo, been wanting to ask this since yesterday. You from Earth?"

"Good, good. Right to the point. Yes, i'm from Earth. Two years now, same as you. Name's Yakati."

Steff relaxed slightly, grinning.

"How did you get here, and how the hell did you end up as the Emperor?"

He fiddled with something, then pulled up a pipe and lit himself something. He took a few puffs, sending up a cloud of sweet scented smoke into the air.

"Two years, I wager it was the exact same time as you. As for my story, it is pretty straightforward. The previous Emperor was attempting a Ritual Of Ascension, when something big happened. No idea what, but it had everyone with their panties in a bunch. I popped outta nowhere, taking the Emperor's place, and you got sucked here. A few other people too. Well, they couldn't just ad

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