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amaliaverdezoto > Invincible Canadian Futa Goddess Cultivator > 17 Update for the readers.
@@Lets just get this out of the way. I'm not updating this on WebNovel anymore. Thanks to this being stolen from this site and reposted on others without my knowledge and permission, i've decided to stop using WebNovel.

I tried raising awareness for this isssue, since it's happening to every other work on WebNovel as well, but the mods decided to shut that down for no discernable reason. Lets not waste anymore time.

Wuxiaworld.co and romanticlovebooks.com, FUCK YOU.

If you've read this on WN and want more, heard on over the Royalroad.com and search "Invincible Canadian" the story is posted up to chapter 60 there, and its all free.

With that, cya.

Cheers, L.


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