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It took Tara all of a moment to strip naked, hungrily staring at Steff's dick the whole time, tearing off her own clothes in record time and kicking them to the side.

Steff, for her part, just enjoyed the sight, sitting on the bed, her dong slowly rising to attention. All too soon, the other woman was nude, her clothes lying in a pile in the corner.

She kneeled down in front of Steff, everything else abandoned and and breathing hot breath on the crown of her dick, sending shivers down the blonde woman's spine. Her eyes greedily took in the sight, before leaning in and enveloping it in her mouth.

A warm wetness closed itself around the head of her cock, and she had to fight the urge to cum right then and there. Her mouth barely covered Steff's girthy length, but Tara didn't seem to care. She sucked on it, swirling her tongue around the head and sending plessure throigh Steff's body.

Then, without warning, she deepthroated. No hesitation, nothing as inconsequential as the laws of physics getting in her way, she lunged forward, taking the entire foot-long dick into her mouth and down her throat. All of it. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she struggled with the last few inches, but valiently, she preserved. After a second, her nose poked against Steff's skin and she let out a satisfied moan.

Steff, for her part, was speechless. She was in heaven. Sheer bliss radiated from her dick, her sword having found it's intended sheathe in the other woman's mouth. Just, FUCK, but it was tight. Wet, warm and oh so pleasureable. She cummed, right there and then.

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Stream after stream of cum was pumped right down Tara's throat, Steef slowly pulling her dick out all the while, forcing the other woman to swallow it all. With a *pop*, she pulled free, letting her dick flop down, sending a few stray droplets of cum onto the other woman's breasts.

Her dick, contrary to the laws of the world, did not slowly defalte after having divested her testicles of their load. No, it went right back to full mast, a fresh load already waiting for her to release. She hadn't had sex in nearly two entire years. Pent up did not even begin to describe her right now. Her cum backlog fell off the desk, went out the door and circled the block.

With her dick at full attention and waving around in empty air, feeling lonely, she did what any other considerate person would do. Give it company. She grabbed the other woman's head, hand on each side, and promptly shoved her dick back in and down that wonderful throat. The other woman didn't resist, letting out a satisfied moan as she hilted herself. Tara's arms came around from behind, grabbing Steff's ass and pulling against her with all her might, trying to cram another inch down.

She lasted longer this time, going for three entire minutes befire firing another load down Tara's throat. Again

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