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amaliaverdezoto > Pokemon - Genetic Evolution > -1 Chapter 0- My life
So you people are currently reading about my life, I don't know if I should fell satisfied and flattered or not. Well don't be bored, my life is literally a peace of crap. There nothing you can remember me for, the single word that define my whole life was "Normal".

Being born in a middle class family, I didn't have a tough childhood. I made friends, got into some fights, bullied or was bullied for some time, later became a "Grunt 1" or "Friend 3", cannon folder or a irrelevant person.

With average talent and no desire to work hard, you could say I live my life no better than a average person. I got my college degree and started to work in a security company. Later in my life I became a manager of the branch of that same a Security company, and lived my live as a average social worker. I also watched Anime around this time, nothing too serious just to pass time.

Married at the age of 25, had a son at the age of 28, and live with my average wife for the next 20 years.

When I turned 30 years, I saw myself looking at my son, him starting his new life as I watched him doing nothing, wasting his time. I felt as if I was watching myself, being the same average guy I was today. Maybe due to this, I quit my job as a manager and started to work in a science faculty whose job was to study human medicine.

At age 35 years 5 years of working there, I got my certificate and started working with bigger industries. Still I was your average guy who worked to develop human body beyond possible or that was my dream when I joined, but I was stuck trying to make sure they eat and grow stronger and healthier. Here I think you may think as if Evil stuff, No we just wanted to make foods that will increase human life expectancy.

At the age of 55, I retired, it's been 10 years since my wife died, no nothing extraordinarily, just a small medical condition which was fatal in her case. My son was 17 at that time, losing his mother he started to think about leaving. After 2 weeks he left the house.

I who was 45 at that time maybe due to depression started to push my mind into work to forget the pain.

My son was 27 that year, And I who was 55 at that time. He married a girl and now I can again see the same cycle going again, of our family being the Word I am starting to hate "Normal", it's like a Curse, god gave to our family for being normal.

I should also mention that I retired from one of the best Genetic Industry in our country. Still no major achievement, after all there were 1000 new applicants and 1000 retires every year so yea. Nothing major.

And my last memory of that life is at the age of 62, seeing my son, his family with two children looking at me with sad smile. I departed in the hospital bed living a completely Normal life, and dying a normal death.

And you may say why I am talking about my last memory, it is because I can feel I am inside a human body and I don't know if reincarnation is true or not, well I guess I have to wa

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