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The Indigo League is around 1 month away from today, I believed this day will be similar to the past few months with me training my pokemon and Meditating with Riolu and Beldum.

Deep in the mountain, my pokemons were attacking each other and defending using a single move over and over again, while their partner used a different type's move repetatly.

In one side, Electrabuzz was attacking Ivysaur with different moves such as Fire punch, Thunder Punch, Tackle, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail etc. The constant use of different moves to attack Ivysaur made him suffer different hits from time to time.

This method I developed due to them taking longer to switching between using moves of different categories, I don't want them to learn only moves of their type, I want them to learn everymove they can if their body is capable. This is after all about Evolution, and I am trying to evolve them to learn every move possible and make sure they can switch between type.

Current my maximum of 6 pokemon limit is causing me some problems in teaching them. I have found many pokemon in the wild, some I captured for pure research like Zubat who is now Golbat. This Carrier limit is really making my research time difficult.

I sometimes really wonder if I should quit becoming a trainer and become a Researcher instead. This will solve my problem and give me opportunity to travel to different places that are normally forbidden, but this process will take time, and most of all the duty of researcher is massive.

We're going off the topic now; Ivysaur is losing his speed as he is growing so Elecrabuzz who is the heavy hitter in my team is teaching how to defend himself. First in the training he was getting massive injuries, but now if he can't dodge then instead of being hit by fire attack he will go toward electric attack that is lesser effective against him.

Dragonite is learning as many moves as he can from simple Ember and Water Gun to Hyper Beam, and Thunder. Due to massive potential this pokemon hasn't stopped growing strong and learing now moves. Thou he is just learning new move, he will join the other pokemon in the future to perfects those moves.

Beldum and Riolu are always next to me training Psychic and Aura together. With me being a core they are able to amplify themselves and are learning new moves daily. Even Riolu who was near his peak stage now has surpassed them and is learning even more. His Aura is 5 Times a Normal Lucario.

Beldum is strange pokemon, they join together to evolve. Like to Evolve into Metang two Beldum needs to connect to each other and they will evolve. Same is with Metagross, which happens when two Metang join together to evolve.

But I don't know if this is due to his Mutation, my Beldum don't need another Beldum to evolve. But I don't wish to take a chance, and will find a strong Beldum make sure he is strong and join together with Beldum to Evolve. It is after all said that Metang is twice as smart as a Beldum, and MEtagross is 4 times as smart as a Metang.

Still that is for future to decide, let focus on the problem today. I got a strange call from Police station asking me to contact them once I am near any government faculty.


After 2 days, I reached Gerory town and visited the Local Police station in the city.

Arriving in front of the reception in police station, I said "Hello My name is Lycan Karki, and I was asked by Officer Henry to contact the nearest Station. Can you please check what the problem was?"

The woman who was in her mid-thirty was sitting in her Police Uniform, hearing my request she replied "Please wait for a few moments."

After typing in her computer for a few minutes, she called a number. After 5 minutes of call where she was constantly looking at me, but would hide her eyes whenever I looked at her.

After few minutes she ended the call, she walked in front of me and asked me to follow her. She then led me to a p

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