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amaliaverdezoto > Pokemon - Genetic Evolution > 4 Chapter 4 - My 1st capture
I looked at my face in the mirror as I walked out of my house. I don't know why or how the people here have such a type of hair color. I know for the fact that Blue hair can't grow naturally and here I am with Shoulder length blue hair with pale skin and body of a 13 year old.

I am wearing a black hoody with Gastly picture in it and blue pants. I am also wearing a red Cap and wearing a yellow belt where there is a single Pokémon currently resting. With my Golden Eyes and Light blue hair, I have to say I am quite handsome, no really I am. Not so much but enough to be above average.

As I looked at my image in the mirror, I went out of my house. I don't know how many time have I wished to run away from my house. Now don't think anything of it, I love my parents very much, but with my adult mentality sitting in the same place is a torture. Yes it is better than past life but this isn't my past life, here is a world filled with wonder not like old life where half the world was filled with dust and pollution.

Stopping my overactive brain thought process, I started my journey with great confidence with my starter.


As I was walking the Route 1 on the way to Viridian City, I saw many Pokémon such as Pidgey, Ratatta, etc. I didn't like them so I simply left them. I had no interest in common Pokémon or Pokémon without any evolution line.

Since there was not a long road, in two hours I saw Viridian City thought up the mountain. Since I was in no hurry I put my camp near a tree, and went to find a Pokémon that may interest me.

After 3 hour of no success I finally saw it, a rare pokemon who should not be here, if my knowledge of its habitat is true.

It was Riolu, The Emanation Pokemon. This was one of the Pokémon who was in my Must capture Pokémon. It is said that this Pokémon can learn aura and can teach it trainers how to do so. In the last 10 year I think I have touched it but with no experience I don't know if this is aura of not.

Since it is such a rare find I release my Pokémon.

As soon as Bulbasaur appear I said "quick use Leech seed on that Riolu, and follow with Razor leaf."

As soon as the leech seed hit the unsuspecting Pokémon it was on alert but the leech seed was able to slow it down enough to for it to be hit by razor leaf. It was unable to put up a fight after that and with that was down for the count.

Seeing Riolu not waking up he send his poke ball toward the fainted Pokémon, with 2 shake the Pokémon was captured.

I looked at Bulbasaur and said "it looks like you have a comrade to train with now."

"Bulba bulba saur"

"Yes yes, let's return to the camp. We need some rest. You have training in the morning."

With that he healed Riolu with some potion and kept him inside the pokeball until later.


Next morning I let both the Pokémon out of the Pokeball, and decided to introduce myself to him. "Hello Riolu, my name is Lycan and I am your trainer. I expect d

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