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Chapter 8 - Training.

"Riolu use focus palm, and follow it with Iron tail." Riolu, who was in the air, heard my command and used focus palm in his opponent.

My opponent who seeing the situation said "Dodge it"

But it was Weepinbell was too slow, and was hit with Iron tail in his body.

I nodded and said "Follow it with Brick break". When Riolu heard my instructions, he had his arm glowing and delivered a Chop in Weepinbell head.

I looked over toward my opponent's pokemon and saw it was in the ground with injuries and swirls in its eyes.

Knowing the battle was over, we both the trainer returned our Pokémon in our poke ball.

I gave him my hand for a handshake and said "Nice match."

He replied "Thanks, and here you winning poke dollar." With that he handed me 100 poke dollars, the winnings of the match.

He said with a smile "Next time it will be us who will win, be prepared." Saying that turned towards the road, in a dramatic way.

I think the guy thought he was being mysterious and making Rivals but I only saw a kid trying hard to show his overconfident and proud persona.

With my advanced age and memories of my past life, I had trouble in the past making friends with people of my own age. They seems so innocent and everything they did was so stupid. This is also why I was keeping my 'My holier than thou attitude' to my self-proclaimed Rival Stone. Other kids who tried to be my friend we irritated and left due to this attitude, due to which my personality which is "having trouble with making friend of his/her age" changed to "Unlikable Kid"

They seem so boring and stupid with zero ideas and ignorance, that this was the best method I could think of. After all I had grandchild of that age before my death.

I don't know why but when I think of my past life I don't feel sad, anger or anything. The only emothing I can feel when I think of my past life is that I hate being 'Normal'. Love for my dead wife, children, grandchildren it seems I have forgotten it.

Which I think is blessing in disguise, afterall if I had those memories iwould have sobbed or felt other emotion that will decrese my life here due to self- pity or such emotions.


I have decided to slow down my progress of going to battle Gym leader and started to train instead. With my fight with Mathew I learned that I still lacked understanding with my Pokémon.

I didn't want them to evolve them middle of battle and wished them to have their full potential before evolving so I have also given them 'Everstone'. This stone makes it so that a pokemon with this stone will not be able to evolve, and until that Pokémon don't take out it, they will stay in the same form for ever, which is used in the name Ever in "Ever Stone".

There are many moves that a Pokémon can learn only in the pre-evolved form, and tose pokemon who are strong in their pre- evolved form are stronger in their evolved form depending on their evolved fo

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