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Gabrina threw her next pokeball in the field "Come Kirlia"

A Pokémon that looked like a human child, wearing a green and white skirt appeared in the front of me. I have read about this pokemon as it was one of the few pokemon that have appearance similar to humans and there have been cases of Garvedor having human child, of course they are human but those child are said to have either psychic energy or die young, according to research and hypothesis.

This pokemon was Kirlia, a Psychic type pokemon with 3 evolution form. I like this pokemon and will capture it if presented the chance but it not in my 'Must Have List'.

With this pokemon appearance, Lycan returned his Ivysaur for rest and send his next pokemon Electrabuzz in the battlefield.

"Kirlia use Psy shock then follow it with hypnosis." Kirlia send a shockwave around the field and send a hypnosis toward Electrabuzz.

"Focus Punch and follow it with thunder punches." Electra buzz after using focus punch was able to resist hypnosis and using focus palm the sleeping suggestion was useless. Electra buzz send a focus punch toward Kirlia which was dodged but thunder punch was followed which landed in kirlia sending her flying.

"Electrabuzz use your tail to catch her, and use thunder wave." Kirlia was unable to fight back Electrabuzz appered in front of her again without giving her chance to rest and started to beat her. When he put his tail in her hip, he sends a thunder wave paralyzing her and then there was nonstop attack of Metal Claw, Brick break, and thunder punch.

She was not able to do anything, due to paralysis and even unable to teleport due to constant attack.

Seeing such brutality, Refree stopped the battle and said "Kirlia is unable to battle, challenger return you pokemon. And also take an Official Warning for the merciless attack against a helpless pokemon."

Many may wonder why I did so, the reason was simple. It was a very troublesome pokemon. From teleport, agility, quick attack, protects, etc moves are normal for this pokemon to have. A fast pokemon with defensive and teleporting ability will cause my pokemon to use many moves and energy to end the match, so when my Electra buzz was able to capture her I directly made sure she fainted or defeated.

Still earning a warning was a bit excessive, after all the pokemon can be called back anytime to give up and it was still a psychic pokemon so there was very small damage form Fighting type moves and only thunder punch gave more damage to her.

Gabrina glared me with anger and returned her pokemon sending her 5th pokemon in the field. It was a pink pokemon with a big lips and small and slim body. It was Medicham a fighting and Psychic Pokémon.

This pokemon would be a good match with a dark type but against my Electra buzz it was just a bug.

"Medicham Meditate." Gabrina said to her Pokémon using a move that increase power of psychic moves.

"Electra buzz Sword dance."Gabrina eyes widened, this move sharply increases a pokemon attack.

"Medicham quickly attack Electra buzz with quick attack." Medicham moved toward Electrabuzz in a high speed using quick attack.

As Medicham was coming toward Electra buzz "I said Use Sword dance once more and use counter."

Electra buzz was covered in white energy and when Medicham was near him, it was replaced with re energies.

When Medicham Slammed into Electra buzz he redirected that energy along with its high power sending Medicham flying.

"Follow with Electro ball and Thunder." Medicham narrowly dodged Electroball was hit with Thunder. "Medicham Use Metal Claw on the Ground." Using Metal Claw in the ground Medicham was able to redirect thunder in the ground but was still injured.

Seeing the situation I took out my poke ball and said "Come back Electra buzz." Electra buzz glared at me but thinking it will be too easy for it to win this battle it returned.

Sending my forth pokemon in the field I said "Come

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