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amaliaverdezoto > Pokemon - Genetic Evolution > 1 Chapter 1 - Birth
So who am I, I was just a normal guy, lived and died Normal. I was so normal and I think I am starting to hate the word Normal.

I am in what you call a stomach of a women, how I tell you ask. They are talking about it as I can listen them talking excitedly about my suppose mother having to give birth to me. They were taking of whatever stuff women talk about and I don't know what they talk about, a moment it is about jewellery and the. Very next second it is about the girl next door clothes. So No I didn't listen to their conversation properly. I am easily distracted and have trouble staying awake, maybe due to my undeveloped body.

Though I was a normal man, I spend a good half of my past life in lab so you could say I was a man of science, so I had a bit trouble accepting that I was actually going to be born in a new life with my memory. But as a great person once said "When you eliminate all the possibilities that is false, the last remaining possibility no matter how impossible or absurd it is, will be the answer."

I have read quite a few Novel and Anime to know what I should do in such a situation. I started Mediation , after all i can't to anything right now as there is a Huge, Super Huge no Literally 99% chance of miscarriage and me dying, if I do something absurd. Me having memories of my past have already strained my undeveloped brain, and I don't want some complications in my body so being patient was my only hope.

2 weeks have passed, and I have found there are many things I don't understand about this world. My mother has a friend who can only speak her name, but my mother talked to her as if it was normal. My mother friend is always with her, I don't know if it her friend or sister but they seems close, just don't know why she is not talking and only saying her name. I guess I am not born of earth, there is too much difference. Oh and I have started to Mediate daily and have felt my though process growing and me not being so easily distracted.


I am going to be born or that what should be, I don't know. I was born 2 weeks ago or today as the first memory is inside he stomach so it's confusing.

Anyway I have finally got out of my mother and was born. As soon as I see the light my butt was smacked hard, damn who dare, oh it was the doctor. Anyway it did the job my mouth was like a broken cassette, without my approval it was playing a child broken sound.

After being cleaned enough was brought in front of my supposed mother. First thing I said when I saw her was F**k. I know for the fact that a person can't have blue hair, due to human genes but here my mother with dark blue hair and eyebrows looking at me with a smile.

More and more confusion in my mind, as there were more question appearing than answer. I was given to my mother. As she carried me in her embrace, I don't know why I felt such a peaceful sensation that I would kill to feel. Looking at her loving gaze I finally found what a mother a

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