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Chapter 9 - Progress

Me and my pokemon were waiting not in our camp, waiting for the result of yesterday capture. I took my Great ball and said "Go Poke ball!!"

After that Dratini was release it looked around and after seeing up, it glared at us.

I stepped forward and said "Hello Dratini, I am Lycan Karki a Pokémon trainer. I would like to invite you to my pokemon team. My dream is to be the best, not just my pokemon I also want myself to be the very best. So are you in, I can promise you i will make you the strongest your potential can make you."

Dratini stared at me for few second before nodding its head.

I looked at it and said "Good Decision, but remember you won't become strong with only talk, you have to earn it."

With a Nod Dratini shook its head up and down "Dra Dra".


Its been 2 months since the day I captured Dratini, Me and my Pokemon have grow to a whole new stage since then.

Riolu has learned Focus Energy, Aura Punch, Aura Sphere, Aura Shield, Brick Break, Cross Chop, and High Jump Kick. He already have more than 15 moves, and i have decided that if his training start to slow down, i shall allow his to Evolve.

Riolu have surprised me in many situation, I can say that he is the Pokemon who i can trust the most in my pokemon group. With his improvement i also was able to leech off him, his experience in aura allowed him to learn Aura Punch, Aura Sphere, Aura Shield, etc and he also helped me in learning them.

Yes you heard right I can use Aura Punch, Aura Sphere, Aura Heal and Aura Shield. Though it uses my entire aura reserve if I use them many times, considering I am just a Aura Guardian / Human where as he is a pokemon, I have nothing to complain, but this unfair advantage makes envious of them.

Still you can't have everything after all, and I know better that be greedy, many people have destroyed their life due to Greed.

Zubat has moves list are Poison Sting, Sonic, Screech, Life Drain, Sludge, Poison Bite, Bite, Crunch. Though he is not weak, I have Removed 'EverStone' from his body, So it can evolve whenever it desires.

Dratini Move List are Leer, Wrap, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Thunder Bolt, Flame Thrower, Twister, Dragon Rage, Agility, Quick Attack, and Dragon Dance.

I don't know if I had underestimated a Dragon pokemon and what it means to be a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon but Dratini was weak when I caught it, but now after 2 months of training he who only had Leer, Wrap, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, and Water Gun as it move now had learned Hydro Pump, Thunder Bolt, Flame Thrower, Twister, Dragon Rage, Agility, Quick Attack, and Dragon Dance. In the 8 new moves it has learned 5 are Heavy Attack or Finisher type move, 2 moves can increase a Pokemon states, and quick attack increase it movement speed to attack a opponent.

Dratini has gone from a weak wild pokemon to a powerful heavy hitter.

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