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amaliaverdezoto > Pokemon - Genetic Evolution > 2 Chapter 2 - Wasn’t it a fictional world?
Lycan wasn't having a nice day, of course if you count his mother constantly kissing him and hugging him, it wasn't so bad. He found out that he a Man of Science has been born in a world he thought was a fiction.

Yes! Many probably guessed it, i don't know how maybe due to the title. Anyway with him being born he had more question than answers. His house wasn't big.

It's members were his Mother "Dora Oak" and his Father "Ryan Karki", we also have a Pokémon in our home Persian is her name, but she is as big as a cheeta / panther in my past life. Seriously this people keeps such animal as pets. Of course she is quite friendly and also quite intelligent if I might add.

It's been 2 weeks since my birth, nothing new have happened. Of course being born in a Pokémon world don't count. After 2 days of by birth my mon and I were discharged from the hospital, now we are in our home. I don't know if this is the same world I have seen as my childhood but who care. For the next few months I can't do anything since but my throat isn't able to make human sound And body able to walk (I am a 2 week old child what did You expect).


2 years ~ Time Skip.

So being born in the world where monster can breath fire the people can't see my abnormal intelligence. I know that a human child can grow intelligent faster but this is absurd. My intelligence is off the charts.

I a 2 year old baby can talk, yes talk not make a small word. Not only this but my IQ is off the charts. The problems in my old life, I only needed few moments of thinking to solve it.(eg. why was a male Cromozone unable to mix with bacteria 320 when the female cromozone accept it?)

Anyway I was born in a out of then world brain, ideas pop out of nowhere, I can guarantee that if I was sent back to my old life with this brain then I will have a few Nobel and Top Science Awards, in few Months.

So forget about two year old situation, currently I found out quite a few things about the world. Well we are 20 years before the main character are born, meaning 30 years before the Canon. How I can tell you ask it's seems, The Surname Oak in my mother name wasn't for show, Professor oak was actually my mother's cousin go and he visited us. Any I have to say he is aruond 25-30 years old in the current timeline. Of course he is just a assistant professor currently but still.

The only activity I have been doing recently is mediation, after I found out about this is a fiction world I have give meditation 6 hours of my daily life. Yes 2 years of constant mediation for 6 hours daily. Quite a achievement I have to say, I think my progress in mental departments belong to this activity. Please remember I am a child, I need to sleep, my brain activity already put a large pressure on my body, so I can't do anything more.

In a fiction world I also want to be strong not just my Pokémon so I have decided to mediated and have decided to spend 8 hours from now days. After all if my thinking and memory increase then I won't be normal anymore and if mediation helps in them come on my lord I shall do it no matter the cost.


Dora POV~

It's been 5 years since my son's birth. I don't know if he is genius or not. He is a very quite boy, if you keep him in quite place, then he simply closes his eyes and don't move. If it wasn't for his stomach moving I would think it was a problem, still he was doing it for quite some time so I didn't worry about it.

He is what you call a quite child, we don't have to be at attention after him, he simply sit and is happy as long as you give him food and take care of his waste. After his 1 years he was able to say a few world. Then we found out about his genius, he simply after that called us if he had to poop or pee. He also started crawling around that time. But didn't more more that a few feet from him current position.

When he was 3 years old, he completed a sentence "I want catch a Pokémon" he says.

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