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Understanding Myself


I am having trouble understanding myself, my previous way of thinking focused on emotion and Rationality, but now my Way of Thinking don't have emotion on it.

The Process where both my Aura and Psychic combined with each other seems to have created many problems and solution in my body. It has literally become a new energy, with both the properties of Aura and Psychic.

The Advantages, I can use Psychic Power equal to a Final Evolved pokemon, like a Normal Psychic pokemon such as Metagross, Alakazam, Gardevoir etc has a battle power is 10 in Psychic, My Power is also 10 in Psychic and can challenge them in the Psychic power struggle.

Even my current Beldum has lower Psychic power than me. Of course those pokemon I mentioned are normal Pokémon's not the strongest of their kind like Gym leader or Elite 4 pokemon.

My Aura has been increasing my body strength and in seems due to mixing with Psychic it has an effect of making me see all the changes in my body, like I did with pokemon in the past.

I now can see my DNA, see my body growing stronger as time goes by due to Aura, and my control over both Aura and Psychic energy has increased expectantly.

Now I don't think I can call this energy which has been born from the co-existence of Aura and Psychic anything. It holds both Aura and Psychic advantage while it is evolving and increasing my power.

Since this is the combination of Mental Energy (Psychic) and Psychical Energy (Aura) I can call it Chakra.

(Note: This is NOT the same chakra as Naruto. It just has the same name due to Chakra being basically a form of Energy. It is the combination of two types of energy, Spiritual energy and Physical energy. )

This Energy which I shall call Chakra is strong or should I say beautiful. Preciously My Aura was Color Blue/ Azure and my Psychic was Pink. This is the basic of any Energy that a person have, but after combination of these two energies it has changed to color to beautiful Dark Purple. Not the poisonous Dark Purple, but a Silky Dark Purple that makes it wants to touch it.

Previously when I used Aura, it was limited to control of my body but now, I can use it outside of my body. Aura was unable to use by sending it toward the opponent and was only be able to be used by compressing and throwing it like Aura Sphere, Aura Bullet. This Chakra has the Ability to be used outside.

Preciously Psychic had problems of not being strong as a person with mental defence can easily break free or counter but after fusion its power has increased to 10 time.

I know this process where two energies could be combined but this process was very hard, and would need 20 – 30 years to combine them and the user must be master in both the Energies but this time I have done by accident. I don't think the Aura and Psychic will stay together as Chakra for a long time.

So I need to control it, and this would have been impossible in a short time but due to Chakra there is a high possibility to happen.


The next year I have trained with my pokemon trying to stabilize the Chakra, this energy is my ticket to evolution and I can't lose it.

My Riolu as evolved to Lucario around 6 months ago and he are different from what you call a normal Lucario. His Blue and Black fur that he should have after all he was not a Shiny pokemon changed to White and Purple, giving him a majestic Aura.

His strength has evolved 10 times when he evolved and now training for 6 months I can safely say, he can defeat all the Elite 4 pokemon alone, and probable fight and win against half of the Champion pokemon.

Beldium also has evolved becoming Metang and is a shadow of Lucario as both of them stay together every day. Lucario has taken the spot in top of Metang head to mediate as both of them float.

They are also trying to combine their energy to change their energy to Chakra and there have been a huge progress.

After a

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