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I needed to find a pokemon that has a strong evolution line, as well as can accompany me with his/her strength similarly to my current Riolu, who is as strong as a Elite four pokemon and will be as strong as a Champion pokemon when he evolves.

The pokemon which will have the same potential as Riolu should have same strength or research value as him. So I searched, in this period I found many pokemon that could fit the criteria but their potential and behavior made it so I disagreed with capturing them.


After 1 month of training and searching for pokemon that may have the potential to join us, I found a Shiny Beldum.

Looking at that pokemon fighting that it was fighting with I could see it was a wild Zangoose, A normal type pokemon.

Both Beldum and Zangoose were in each other throat, Beldum using head butt and smack down, whereas the Zangoose was using fury cutter and tackle.

Beldum used take down, sending Zangoose flying, which was able to stop by using his claws to stop himself.

Zangoose returned with anger, using quick attack. Sending Beldum flying, he followed it with fire punch.

Being a metal type it did a huge damage sending Beldum in very critical health. When Zangoose was going for a kill, I interrupted their battle using Aura Shield to protect Beldum and punching Zangoose with Aura Punch.

Looking at the pokemon in the ground, Lycan said "I will have to ask you to return Zangoose, you know you can't beat me. Forget about my pokemons." Sending my Aura to pressure Zangoose, Lycan stood in front of Beldum.

Zangoose looked like it was going berserk but was able to control its temper knowing this was a losing battle. With a glare he returned in the forest.

Lycan looked towards the injured Beldum and send use Aura Heal, making it so that it can at least move.

Beldum was looking warily at the human that protected it, when Lycan send a Blue energy toward him which he could recognize as the same things that the human used to damage Zangoose, it tried to get back up.

When the energy made contact with him, it didn't damage him but instead healed him. HE looked toward the human waiting for the answers.

Lycan looked at Beldum who was healing and was satisfied. This pokemon don't age wasn't more that 3 weeks old and was able to fight a nearly 3-4 month old Zangoose, it had potential. And the most important thing is this pokemon is Shiny.

Shiny pokemon are pokemon which have different color that their species. This is caused my mutation between the two pokemons and this type of mutation has both advantage and disadvantages.

Some pokemon with mutation will be weaker than their normal kind, making them worthless and isolated. But some like this Beldum will have a powerful mutation making them powerful that their kind. Even though there are many hypothesis why this happens there have been no real proof.

As for why he knew its age was around 3 weeks old not a problem due to Mutatio

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