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After arriving in Cerulean City I decide to rest for few days. Training for nonstop for the last 2 months have taken a toll on my Pokémon's. Even Zubat who I caught have grow to be stronger than your average who I caught a month ago, and had thought of keeping as a reserve pokemon is stronger than you average Golbat, the Second Evolution form of Zubat. Tough I haven't changed my opinion about this pokemon.

Anyway, I have decided to let them take rest for 3 days, with only doing stretching exercise and give them a well deserved rest.

I spend my next 3 days travelling Cerulean City, and it was gorgeous. Filled with waters and Pokémon's, I would not have doubt if the people here said this was a Pokemon paradise.


After 3 days of rest, I decided to visit the Cerulean City Gym. This gym was famous for its water type Pokémon and the leaders are said to be strong. Almost at the level of elite 4 if the Gym leader used his original Pokémon. The Gym leader name is Mathew, and he is supposed to have traveled all over the world, in search of adventure and challenged the elite 4 in his teens years, but lost the match and after few years took the job of Cerulean Gym leader. Some rumor suggests that he is as strong as a elite 4 if not stronger, though why he hasn't challenged them is still up for debate.

Still no matter how strong his original Pokémon is, I am not fighting them so I didn't care too much. As I entered the gym, I saw a huge swimming pool inside the building.

There were dozens of Pokémon floating and playing then, Manteen, Goldeen, Staryu, etc. There were also some rare Pokémon such as Horsea (whos final evolution is a Dragon type and is on my "Catch it" list) and Milotic one of the most beautiful and popular water pokemon.

After looking around I saw a few people there and approach them.

"We need to put the floaters there in Pool 3 and change the water in Pool 5!" Said the guy, with red hair and was only wearing Trunks to the other guy who was working around the pool.

As I approached, the guy in the Trunks looked at me and said "Yes! How may I help you?"

I replied "I wish to challenge the gym." Looking at his face, the previous black and bored expression changed to a smiling face.

He said "Good! Come along. Oh and how many Badges you have?"

I said "This is my 3rd Gym."

He looked at me and said "Go to the other side of the pool, our referee will join us soon." As he said he mumbled "So can only use the beginners pokemon huh, what a letdown."

After a few moments the referee appeared in the side of the Pool and said "This is a official Gym battle between, Mathew our Cerulean City Gym leader, and Lycan Karki Our challenger. This is his 3rd Gym battle. This is a 2 on 2 Pokémon battle. I hope everyone remembers the rules. Then Begin"

Mathew and I both threw our poke ball in the floats in the pool. On my side Bulbasaur was revealed, where as Seel was revealed in Mathew side.

Looking at my opponents Pokémon I knew what Pokémon it was. Seel a water type, is a pinniped Pokémon with a thick hide covered in bluish white fur. It has a pale tan maw with a large red tongue and a pair of tusks on its lower jaw. It has circular eyes and a black nose making it seems quite cute and famous among female trainers.

I said "Bulbasaur start with Razor leaf." As Bulbasaur threw his razor leaf, Mathew said "Into the water, Seel."

All the razor leaf fell down after hitting no target, after flying as far as they can.

Since I already predicted this, I already made plans for it. I said "Bulbasaur you know what to do."

Bulbasaur replied with "Bulba Bulbasaur ", as we waited for the Pokémon to resurface, Bulbasaur has his vine wipe ready to move in any direction nessary.

The moment Seel came out to attack bulbasaur, his Vine whip whipped the small white Pokémon sending it flying in the floats.

I quickly said seeing the situation "Quick use you vines to bind it and

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