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Arriving in a big field with Night Gabrina, he looked around the field. It was a Rocky field with the entire field covered in rock. If a Rock or Ground type pokemon used this field they will have a huge advantage over other Pokémon's. It size was almost as big as half a Soccer Field.

With us arriving in the field I saw a huge crowd of people waiting for us. Many were sitting in the stadium and looking at us entering the field.

Once Gabrina went to her side of corner, there was a huge cheering for her. After I arrived in my position, a Referee came in a ring, looking at both of us he said "Now we begin the Gym match of today. On the White Side we have our very own Gym Leader who is known for her powerful Psychic pokemon, and on the Red side we have our challenger Lycan Karki, for this 8th and final Gym Battle before he challenge Indigo league or participate in the Tournament. So both the challenger and gym leader will use all their strength in this match. I don't want to make you people wait due to me telling the rules which I am sure both of you are familiar with; the match shall begin when the Timer hit zero. Trainers take you position."

Gabrina looked at me and said "I shall show you what a true psychic is Aura Trainer, Go Lunatone"

Her pokemon appered in the field it was a odd shaped pokemon. It looked like a crescent moon and had yellowish color. I remember reading about this pokemon in the Pokemon Journal. According to the journal, Lunatone is a cream-colored, rock Pokémon with a crescent moon shape. In the center of the crescent is a pointed, beak-like structure. It has deep-set, red eyes, which can cause paralyzing fear or induce sleep. It lives in caves, and becomes active under a full moon. The moon increases its power, and its health is tied to the lunar phases. Using its psychic powers, Lunatone floats through the air. It was first discovered at the site of a meteor crash. It was Rock/Psychic type Pokemon.

Seeing this pokemon, I took my pokeball and threw it in the ring "Go Seadra."

Seadra appeared in battlefield, and looked at its opponent with a glare. I then looked towards the Refree to start the match.

The Referee looked at us and said "This is a Six on Six pokemon battle, the battle ends when a side has no more pokemon to battle. The challenger has the right to substitute. Start the Timer"

With the Referee word, a Screen was displayed in the stadium, which had a timer on it.




0 [Beep]

Night went first "Start with Psywave."

"Dodge it and use Water Pulse" Lycan ordered.

Seadra leaped up in the sky just as psywave blew below him. In the air, he compressed water and fired it towards Lunatone. The attack crashed into Lunatone and pushed it th the edge of the platform.

"You'll have to do better that that if you want to beat me," Night said, "Lunatone, use Psychic!"

Lunatone eye started glowing and the rock around Seadra started spinning and forming a tornado. It hit Seadra causing it pain.

"Use Protect, and Surf." Lycan ordered.

Seadra used protect to protect itself from the flying rocks around him, and used surf that called huge amount of water and crashed into Lunatone.

The surf was filled with both water and stones which caused huge damage to Lunatone, but Seadra was fine due to protect.

"Lunatone use rock throw" Gabrina said.

"Use twister Seadra and make it suffer the same pain as you." Seadra then used twister and the same situation as before appeared in the field with the target changed.

"Lunastone use hyperbeam" seeing Lunatone in trouble, Gabrina ordered a use of powerful move to protect itself.

"Seadra use Smokescreen and Hydro pump." Gabrina Lunatone was able to safely destroy the twister with hyperbeam but due to smokescreen the hyperbeam was unable to Seadra.

When it entered the stage where it needed rest from using hyperbeam, Hydropump hit lunastone in the face sending it smashing in the stadium wal

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