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Zoey held in her breath to get a steady aim on her target.

Their mission is simple, assissinate one of the higher-ups of the international company called GEC, Galactic Electricity Company.

It sounds very simple and normal people will think that they prepared too much, an advanced semi-railgun especially prepared for sniping in silence, several enchanted talismans able to withstand blows from a divine sage 3th stage cultivator at full strength, concealing arrays, trap arrays, enchanted weapons able to damage divine sage 3th stage cultivators and random teleportation arrays that can teleport 4 people to somewhere 200 kilometers faraway.

But that is only of they are against a normal person without any 'special' backing but they are against someone with unknown cultivation realm.

Zoey's higher-ups estimated the GEC higher-up that Zoey's team are about to assissinate to be minimum of empyrean immortal 5th stage to divine sage 5th stage maximum, but the amount of people that are above the 4th stage of the divine sage realm can be counted on one hand in the entire world.

Zoey just hoped that the person they are about to assissinate isn't a divine sage cultivator. Even if they have weapons and all the other things to fight against one, their survival isn't guranteed.

Just when Zoey was about to exhale the air inside her mouth she pulled the trigger and a very muffled sound came out of the semi-railgun as the bullet went straight to a middle-aged man with a smile on his face that was talking to several other people.


Adam just shook his head silently beside the girl named Zoey while concealed.

The person she tried to snipe is a divine sage cultivator in the 5th stage and he already sensed that in Earth are only 5 divine sage cultivators at the 5th stage including the one that Zoey tried to snipe.

And the sniper rifle or whatever it was she used was only able to kill a 2th stage divine sage cultivator, at most it will heavily injure the man but Adam doubt it.

The middle-aged man should be able to dodge the bullet easily once he sensed it, or the middle-aged man has some protective gear able to stop the bullet.

And as expected the middle-aged man did nothing and the bullet was repelled the moment it came within 30 centimeters of the middle-aged man's body.

But because of that bullet it created a lot of chaos as the bullet broke the glass and chunks of walls once it was repelled by an invisible barrier.

''Begin plan B'' Shouted Zoey through the communicator while Adam was interested what this plan B was. Is it just to escape or to attack the target?

He thought it would be the latter option because they came throughly prepared for close combat and they are with multiple people in this mission, if it's only the sniper then it would be understandable to retreat.

And once again Adam prediction was correct as the floor above the middle-aged man's room collapsed revealing a man with a katana in his hand a small woman with a sharp knife in both of her hands.

Obviously the guests that were in the same room as the middle-aged man already screamed and quickly retreated somewhere safe.

The middle-aged man's expression wasn't like the random people who screamed and fled instead he had a calm expression and a small smile on his face as he grabbed a long sword out of his small pocket that nobody seemed surprised about.

Adam who still was besides Zoey already sat on a summer chair with a smoothie in his hands as he watched the spectacle happen, the lady beside him was already switching bullets from the piercing type to the homing type.

He already saw that the first shot was supposed to leave a harmless dust on the target's body that attract the homing type bullets Zoey would use.

As Zoey was done reloading she shot multiple times, the bullets quickly changed from direction towards the middle-aged man who was fighting with Zoey's teammates, Spark and Teddy


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