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Vimsha and Sheela reached the house. Sheela leave Vimsha at the door. She lives with her husband in the neighbor hood area.

" Now i am relieved. I want to take rest now" vimsha thinks.

She takes both and directly goes for a sleep. And she don't bother about the time. Its after noon only. But she have a nice sleep.

Today is Lina's birthday. She is really happy about the fact that her Rita mommy will come today. And another think that is Rita and her daddy is going to get married.

She is a daughter of Vimsha. But she don't like Vimsha. Her grandma and her daddy don't like Vimsha. She wants to stay favorite to her father. So she starts to hate her mother.

But today she miss something. For her every birthday, Vimsha made Lina's favorite food and she bought her many gifts. Even though she don't like the fact it is bought by her mom, she takes those gifts. She compromise herself that those are bought with her dad's money.

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She don't know Vimsha left the house already. She thought vimsha will create some scene before going out of the house. She feels something weird.

She come back home from school with Liam. She very excited to get ready for the party tonight.

She don't find vimsha at home. She don't care about it much.She dressed up for the party with the help of the maids.

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