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amaliaverdezoto > i was sent to another world to take it over > 10 the dragon death

when i called Silverstar name a black portal opened up and a big wolf came out it was sliver star he changed when he went through training his fur is now silver with six read streaks and his eyes where half sliver and half red he could change into anything i wanted him to change into so i made him change into a dark demon sword I used Silverstar to slash yana tail off when i did that her tail got as sucked into Silverstar when Silverstar cuts something his power gets stronger with the power who he cuts all of his forms have a power or powers

when yana tail got cut off she screamed in pain when she attacked with a blue and green breath. I moved out of the way then I when to slash her belly there was something inside on yana so I kept cutting her belly open until I could reach in and grab it out as soon as t took out the item yana dispersed

{you have the gem of power now will you eat it and gain the powers of all of the dragon kings or use it and summon a royal dragon king as a pet}

my system told me I think I will hold out on that for a while until my level get higher and with that, we headed home on Silverstar

as soon as they got home youuto started remembering the things of the city and the cuteness of the city


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