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amaliaverdezoto > i was sent to another world to take it over > 2 The sad but amazing truth
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man what's going on here I have to take over this world why me I'm not cut out for this taking over this world I have to get stronger then even tho I don't want to do it I used my skill <> as soon as I used my skill huge gates came around the side of the forest and a screen came up to my face and it had pictures on it i chose the things that would make a nice town as soon as I put ok the big gates turned into small ones I walked in to my town I like what I did with the place

at that time an 18-year-old girl saw the big gates and decided to go to it but when she got there all she saw was an empty town and a boy she grabbed the boy and asked him what happen here and his name

I'm Yuuto and all that has happened here is that I happen to see this town and then this scroll came to me and when I touched it the scroll went away and the big gates went up and then came back down and then it said that I was the owner of this town

that does not make sense Yuuto my name is Tomkio the only time you can get a town or city is when you defeat a person in battle or if you built the town

ok Tomkio what if somebody killed the owner in battle and left the town and I happen to walk across it and just happen to get ownership of the town could that happen Tomkio

Tomkio lets go of Yuuto that can happen but I don't think that's what happened Yuuto because if you just became the owner the gates would have been black but instead the gates where white now tell me how you build this town

I don't know what you are talking about I told you what happened so leave me alone

fine Yuuto I don't believe you but fine let's go in the town and let's see what we can find

yuuto walked in the town with Tomkio they continued to walk in town until they saw a white, red black and gold treasure chests

wow Yuuto you better open them or they will disappear you might get a new skill or your skills will buff up permanently or you might get items

fine I will open them Tomkio I opened the black one first and a buff up all skills twice came out and twin swords then i opened the red one and 200 gold coins came out and a tamer skill then I opened the white one and a red jewel came out with a golden hammer lastly i opened the gold one and a golden wolf and 7 different jewels came out of it

wow Yuuto I never saw something like this happen before all of this you can't find around here you're lucky

I know Tomkio now what should I do I have a gold wolf and other things my problem will not go away with this

what is your problem Yuuto you can tell me

no, I can't you will just call me evil and try to kill me

why would I do that you are just as evil as me I want to kill the king that rules my country

well Tomkio I was sent here from another world to take over this one

that's not evil somebody needs to take over this world all of the kings except 4 are all evil if I had some power I would try to take it over my self this is not a bad thing but a good thing

so you're saying this is a sad but amazing truth

yep that's what I'm saying now name that wolf

fine I will call it Goldstar

gold star you suck at giving names Yuuto

so what I want to go to the city do you know the way Tomkio

yes I do Yuuto follow me


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