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amaliaverdezoto > i was sent to another world to take it over > 9 the town destroyed
When yuuto got to the town and seeing it being destroyed he got furious and went on a rampage saying who destroyed my future kingdom he was destroying everything in his path when he saw what he was doing he calmed down a bit and started walking around looking for the person who did this that is when he saw a small house that was completely unharmed. Yuuto walked up to the house and looked around it before going in when yuuto went inside the house and saw very few people all of them where survivors. When yuuto saw this he got mad and he wanted to find this monster even more now so he walked around the town still looking for the monster but it was nowhere to be found. He went inside multiple houses to look for clues but all he found was blood and limbs laying around when he went into the last house he saw a girl that looked 16 with a girl that looked 10 yuuto walked up to them and asked them who did this. When they told him he got up and ran toward the entrance of the city. When he got there he ran to yana and punched her and as soon as he did that he asked her why did you do this to my city you bic*h

yana stood up and said so you finally found out yuuto yana then changed into a black,silver, red and white sky dragon yana was as big as 2 buses as soon as she transformed she blew a green and black flame at yuuto. But he managed to move out of the way just in time before the flame hit him yuuto jumped up and kicked yana in the stomach then he made a bright pink bastard sword and a bright pink dagger he then took the dagger and stabbed yana in the stomach.

yana screamed in pain and she moved her body to swing off yuuto of her body when yuuto finally flew off she hit him with her tail. yutto flew nine feet away from yana. yuuto hit the ground and got mad when he thought he could not win he remembered Silverstar and his powers to change into any kind of weapon he can think of and right now he was thinking some badass weapons

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