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amaliaverdezoto > A Demon named Mike > 6 Hell's Gate
Mike hadn't slept well. The floor of his cavern wasn't very comfortable, and he was very anxious for the trip to the real world.

He awoke early, as usual, and went for a last walk around the Big Mountain. He didn't like this place at all, but it was his home and he would still miss it. Probably. Along the way he saw flowers blooming, all black but they still cheered him up. He liked flowers.

He wondered, for the 42nd time, if the real world would have some too, and what they would look like. Were they the same as Hell flowers? Did they have more color? Would they be grey blue like his skin? Or purple, like Kim? Would they still smell like ashes and dust? Oh, if only he knew...

Kim emerged at the exact moment he rounded the last bend. Without a word they prepared their departure for the school where everything was supposed to be explained.

They took as much time as they could, but still arrived first. Zondaar watched the whole ordeal and shook his head with discontent.

"Well if I ever see you two around here again, it's only because they don't want you in Heaven!"

Kim couldn't let that pass, and despite Mike's shy attempts to cool her off she rose to Zondaar's eye level.

"Listen here you old grump! You haven't set foot outside this school for so long your brain has started to melt, and here you are insulting the future of Demon Society?!

Hah! A pathetic rat's waste can show you how things are done when a proper Demon breaks Hell loose!"

If Kim had arms, she'd fold them with pride after seemingly putting this unrequited Hell spawn in his place.

The teacher raised an eyebrow and laughed, but the arrival of other students stopped him from replying, much to Mike's relief.

After everyone had arrived, it was time for a last briefing before opening Hell's Gates and letting the students wreak havoc on Earth. Or Earth wreak havoc on the students. In any case, there would be havoc. Just watch out for those ginger haired Demon slayers. They're quite abundant, I was told.

"You all know your mission, so I won't give you any more details about it. Once you go through the gates, you will be teleported to a random place on Earth. You won't cross each other's path, nor any other Demon's for that matter, we'll make sure of it.

You only have one year to fulfill the requirements. You are allowed to destroy, coerce, manipulate, and do everything necessary to reach your goal, as long as no human knows who you are. If you let yourself be discovered, it's a one way ticket to Heaven. Understood?"

Before anyone could say anything or have time to process that very short speech, the big black iron gates were opened and the students were being shoved through.

Mike, of course, was the first one to be thrown in. Kim followed a split second behind. Luckily they weren't separated and ended up at the same place.

Which was… Where was it?

"Uh, Kim? Are you afraid of heights? -Not really, why?"

"Because, well…

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