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amaliaverdezoto > A Demon named Mike > 9 The Search
Waltzing through the streets of Paris, zigzagging between tourists and crazy car drivers, and listening to the fast rhythm of the city, Mike couldn't help but wonder what he was doing here.

Why did the portal send him to this place? Did it have anything to do with his main quest? Did the Demons do this on purpose? Ah well, he'd think about it later, for now he had an emotion to find.


"Kim? Kim! Where are you? Oh no... No. No. No you can't just disappear on me like that! Come back here! Don't leave me alone in this weird place…" Mike despaired before lowering to a slump. Just a few minutes in, and he feared he'd lost his only friend.

He was looking everywhere, shouting her name, bumping into grumpy people who insulted him with all kinds of flowery and not so original insults. Mike's response to such insults could only be: "I don't have a mother, how could she be a… What did you say again?"

He was having a really bad time, and started to panic a bit. What if he couldn't find her?

Wait a second, what was that spell? The one that is supposed to make people lost, and he somehow always managed to fail it and get a buzzing feeling that made them a lot easier to find. Maybe he could try that!

A woman's natural brown hair, a bit of pepper, a drop of polluted water, that shouldn't be hard to find in Paris, and… He always forgot the last one… Ah, right! A wink!

He always had pepper on him, just in case. The Seine was right across the street, so he just needed to not die while crossing it. Now for that hair and wink, he would need a natural brunette…


The scariest creatures on Earth. And the weirdest too. You never know what they think, they can't tell you what they want, but if you fail to discover it on your own they will bring the sky down on your head. And they always hide their true skin and hair color.

How was Mike supposed to make sure that the woman in front of him was a real brown haired one, when half of those he had tried to talk to in the last hour or so had dyed hair and even painted eyebrows?

Mike was getting desperate and figured he would have no other choice but to keep trying since his only friend had disappeared in a frenzy to search for something he couldn't even understand. Women…

"Hey there stranger, you seem lost, can I help you?" a feminine voice called. Well at least he had his wink now.

"Are you looking for something?" said she, getting too close for comfort to the poor innocent Demon. There was something about that woman that Mike couldn't yet grasp, but she spoke in a way that hypnotized him. He didn't even try to talk, he knew he'd only stutter. Instead, he smiled.

As mentioned before, Mike had the brightest, cutest, most innocent smile. The woman couldn't help but fall for it. Of course, who wouldn't? That smile was, definitely, the evilest thing he had: it would turn anyone's head. But he didn't know that.

He was just happy that she smiled in return, then surprised when she grabbed his hand and led him to a small yet pretty apartment…

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