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amaliaverdezoto > A Demon named Mike > 5 Training Week
During the week that followed, Mike tried to register as much information as he could in school, considering the fact that he was not allowed to take notes. He was relieved that Kim had decided to stay with him, as she listened to the lessons and helped him remember.

The theoretical parts weren't too hard all in all, but the practical ones were another story, for Mike lacked the evil that was necessary. He had no idea how to make a burning potion, ending up making bubbly stew instead, that made every mouth around him water.

His curses were enchantments, his attempts at destruction incurred some very elegant statues and illustrious art.

Even when he tried growing a beard… He ended up with a goatee! Clearly the least Demon thing in the entire Hellscape!

Kim, on the other hand, could set anything on fire and used it to help Mike. The only thing she couldn't burn was him. She discreetly tried once or twice, but the result was disheartening… I don't blame her.

Instead of the scary Demon she expected to see, infernal and smoking hot, she only gave him nice, shiny horns with teeny tiny purple flames on top. Like a trio of candles from a fancy restaurant. However, she was not one to be easily discouraged.

The fluttering little fireball used most of her alone time to try and find the answer to Mike's ever crucial question: what is Virgin's Blood?

In the meantime, the harmless Demon was busy becoming the laughingstock of his school. Zondaar was giving him a very hard time, and tasked him with every possible chore, but he seemed to always turn disaster into beauty. That was not good at all! Especially for the reputation that a place like this is trying to uphold.

This is Hell for Devil's Sake! Not the Gracious Home of the Singing Canaries!

At the end of his training week, Mike had gathered a lot of knowledge but could essentially use none of it. On the bright side, Kim had obtained a map of the real world.

She levitated the map and flew to her forlorn friend. "Hey, Demon, come here! Take a look at this. We're being sent there tomorrow, you might need it."

Mike took the map while seated in the shadows of his cavern, with the brightness of Kim as the only light. He took a good long look at the place where everything could go terribly wrong.

"What's that? Could you come closer? I can't read it…"

He narrowed his eyes at a strange collection of letters that spelled out "Virgin Islands."

They looked at each other, a smile slowly creeping up on both of their faces. Was this the solution?

Hope, that cruel mistress, made her way into their hearts as Kim went back into her tent to plan accordingly.

Mike went back out, in search of more flowers. He was tired of all that blackness and wanted something bright for a change. Maybe earth would have more colors? Enough to shower not just his vase, but also his entire cavern?

"Hey flame, do you think we'll find something there to help you with your transpa

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