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Now back to Mike. Mike is a relatively good looking Demon. He has a firmly-chiseled face, an excellent build, toned muscles, and sports some long, wavy hair. His skin is a perfectly acceptable shade of gray with just a hint of blue. His horns delicately curved at just the right angle and his ice blue eyes can freeze you on the spot.

Yes, Mike is physically acceptable to the Demon society. There is, however, a flaw. He seems just a bit… Nice. And even worse, he smiles too often! That just wont do! This is not the way a Demon should be! Mike had better learn to hide this heart stealing, positivity spreading smile of his as soon as possible if he didn't want to get in trouble.

On the third day of his life, he was summoned to Demon School to start his training. There, he would learn everything he needed to know to be a mean Demon, as well as, hopefully, how to hide his flowery personality.

Unfortunately, his introduction was already ruined when he arrived early. You see, one of the basic rules of Demon Society is: A Demon is always late when expected, and early when not.


Being early at an appointment is considered most insulting, but Mike couldn't know that. Every other Demon had the instinct to arrive late, but not him. He was polite. That, too, he would have to hide.

Mike had been waiting for a good half hour at the door when it finally opened, and a disheveled, sour smelling 6-horned Demon slowly emerged.

Zondaar saw Mike, with his clean clothes and bright eyes and shook his head. He should've retired when he got the chance.

There would be 8 new Demons total in that class, all born within the last 10 days at most, and the last 5 hours at the least. It took almost 2 hours for all of them to arrive and take a seat, without a hello or a wave given to Zondaar, Mike, or even each other.

The last one to arrive got a special bonus and the chance to pick his first assignment. Mike on the other hand, would have to take whatever was left after the others got their assignations.

"Name's Zondaar. I'll be your teacher for the coming year. No arriving early, no hellos or thank yous, and no raising hands to speak on my watch. You'll get your assignments today and we'll spend the next week getting you up and ready for fulfilling your tasks. If you fail, you'll be sent to Heaven. Understood?"

There was, as expected, no answer. Being sent to Heaven meant the end of a Demon's life, and was the best way to keep Hell regulated in terms of population and efficiency. They once tried the sacrifice option, but from what I remember… Things didn't go that well.

Every year, half the training class was sent to Heaven, and every month at least one full grown Demon was too.

Mike was starting to worry that he might suffer the same fate, especially when he saw how different he was from the other young Demons around him.

He knew that somehow he would have to fit in. Fast. His flowery personality might not be enough to get him out of trouble.

"Mike? Wait, is your name really Mike? What kind of a Demon- Never mind. This is your task for the year. You will have to provide Hell with a decent amount of Virgin's Blood.

You'll have a week's training to get acquainted, then you're on your own. Got it?"

Oh yes, he got it. Well, except for one thing: what is Virgin's Blood?

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