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By the time, they reached the monastery, Feng Lan heard the whole life story of Wei Song.

Wei Song is the only son of Madam Wei who runs the "Thousand Poisoned Flowers" which is the number one brothel in Ares Continent with branches in all the main cities. But its main business is selling information. And also, Madam Wei is one of the top experts in the continent. She is considered ruthless and the cunning type. So even though the business is disreputable, everyone is polite towards "Thousand Poisoned Flowers". Why would they offend her, if everyone knew that their information will be given to their enemies for free?

But there are still some very conservative groups, who doesn't offend her but maintains a certain distance from her. Like the Phoenix Hall Monastery. It is considered one of the most holy places in the continent. And so, they didn't allow Madam Wei and by extension his son to enter the Hall for cultivation as they consider them disgraceful.

Even if Madam Wei thought of revenge, Phoenix Hall Monastery doesn't have a lot of enemies. She has only few damaging information on them since there is only few perverted priests visiting her brothel. Anyway, she can count this account later. His mother just consoled her dear son, "Song 'er, forget about those old foggies! I will take you to much fun places for you to cultivate."

Wei Song is at 8th Qi Level and one more step, will lead to Condensation in the next realm. His power will double by then. And Phoenix Hall Monastery is the best place to do this as it will help him stabilize his transition. He was going to leave with his mom, but he suddenly got this awesome idea to snuck in the monastery. His mother may or may not approve. But he is a grown man now! He has to have his own adventures! So, he ran away without her permission.

Here Feng Lan interjected, "Are you considered a grown man?" Looking him up and down. "What do you know? I understand since you are still young to appreciate my handsomeness. Do you know many ladies gave me flowers on Valentines Day?" said Wei Song stylishly swinging his fan.

Feng Lan replied coolly," Pincushion, I don't want to know about your romantic exploits. Were you were trying to sneak into the monastery when I fell on you?". Wei Song with righteous anger, "My name is Wei Song. Not 'Pincushion'. Can you please be serious and help your friend with this?"

Feng Lan considered the advantages and disadvantages of this and then nodded, "I will help you to sneak in and hide in my courtyard. I can even get you a servant's uniform and you can go near the inner sanctum. In return as a friend, I don't want to ask of you anything. But I am poor, and I have to look after my sisters. You can see how I am selling beast meat to buy rice. So...?" before she even put out her demand, "Your sisters are my sisters. What is this between friends, Aiya…?", Wei Song gave a- 'look at this awesome wealthy master' arrogant look. Not knowing that all his money is going to be blown by the pretty money pit near him in the future.

Feng Lan gave a mischievous smile while he was not looking and took him to the part of the wall she had scouted before. She showed him where to climb in. Even him who had undergone some hellish training by his mom, was awed by her skills. No one noticed her as she blended to the walls or acted as an unobtrusive servant moving around. It is as though she has vanished and since there is no qi, no one noticed her presence anywhere. She got him a servant's uniform also and they walked until they reached an abandoned courtyard right next to the forest.

When they came in, Feng Mei had covered her face with a veil and was sitting while Feng Ning was walking anxiously to and fro," Mei jiejie, why is Lan jiejie not here? It's all my fault. Since I asked for rice only, Lan jiejie, snuck out. What if something happens to her?" Feng Mei looked calm but her knuckles where fisted around her skirt tightly. She turned at so

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