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The next morning Wei Song understood the 'awesomeness' of Feng Mei and Feng Ning. Even though their cultivation level is low in his eyes, their fighting prowess is nearly the same as his. Especially Feng Lan. He feels like he will die any minute if he was careless a little bit. He confirmed again that she couldn't cultivate. However, much qi he sends to her dantian, its seems to disperse easily and not get stored.

In the mornings, they all exercised and sparred. Feng Ning is the sloppiest as she is more interested in alchemy than fighting. So, Feng Lan let her off while the other three sparred until they are exhausted. Whenever he gets hit, Feng Ning will run towards him anxiously to help him. She will rub medicine on his wounds. One time, Feng Lan also anxiously bend down to help him," Pincushion, are you hurt? Let me look at your wounds." Even though her voice is anxious, she had an evil smile and she lowered her voice, "If you try to take advantage of any of my sisters, the cushion will be there, but the pin won't be."

From then on, he absolutely kept at least 1m distance from the sisters. Feng Ning is the only one who didn't understand his behavior. Why is Song brother suddenly so shy!

In the afternoon, Feng Lan goes to the forest to hunt while Wei Song teaches some cultivation practices. It is not actual teaching. From his space bag, he just took some good practices for Lightning, Water and Fire and gave them. He just asked them to go through and select the ones they liked. If they had some doubts, they can ask him. But it depends on whether he knows the answer!

When they asked yuan crystals, he gave them yuan crystals. When Feng Ning asked him about alchemy, he gave three very precious books on herbs, medicine and poisons even though he doesn't practice alchemy. Whatever they ask, he will put his hand in his space bag, think out for a second and take stuff out. He even took rice and lentils out once. Even he wasn't sure when his mother put all this stuff in his bag. All three sisters privately felt it's good to have such a powerful and rich mother.

In the evenings, Wei Song will put on a servant uniform and snuck in to cultivate. The best thing about this is, he will bring in information from the Hall, without even asking. Spying seems to be in his blood. The hall seems to be still worried about the aggressiveness of the guardian beast and no one still cared about the girls in the outer courtyard. Feng Lan still didn't know that, they are presumed to be dead.

After a month of this, one day Wei Song earnestly approached Feng Lan.

" Lan Lan, are u tired? "

"Shall I massage you?"

" How about this banana?"

"Or this orange?"

" Shall I peel the orange for you?"

Feng Lan looked him up and down," Can you just stop wagging your tail and tell me actually what you want?"

"Lan Lan, I am at the last step. For me to go above, I need your help to get into the inner sanctum. "He knows that she is the best at spying (actually more than him which he finds odd!) and infiltration.

Feng Lan have become closer to him, seeing him help them without any reservation. He is polite towards Feng Mei, plays with Feng Ning like a child and never discriminated Feng Lan even though she is someone who couldn't cultivate.

Feng Lan nodded, "Anything for you, my pincushion."

Feng Lan and Wei Song decided to find the schedule of the guards in the inner sanctum. Wei Song put one of the servant dresses while he waited for her. Feng Mei and Feng NingNing also anxiously waited for her."Mei jiejie, Song brother, Should we certainly do this dangerous thing?"

Wei Song consoled her,"Don't worry, we are just scouting. If it's too dangerous, we will stop. I won't allow my friend to be in a dangerous situation for me."

A clear, pleasant voice came from the door,"A person without qi cannot be detected by a lower level cultivating person until with naked eye. Only a higher level can detect a person's he

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