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The next day Feng Lan, put on a village girl dress, and made herself look like a peasant. She took cured deer meet, pelts and some herbs that they have gathered in the forest. She bid Feng Mei and NingNing to be safe and slipped through the courtyards until she reached a tall wall.

She has someone has hidden their presence in the Phoenix hall from the servants. The other thing was the guardian beast is very aggressive.

She easily climbed the wall and threw the stuff down.


Hearing someone shout, she immediately jumped down. Mid-flight, she saw that her sack has knocked out a youth. Also, she is falling directly on him. Poor guy!

She tried to change her trajectory but too late. The guy was dazed a bit, he also didn't move.



Feng Lan was happy to have a cushion. She directly stood up and straightened her clothes. Then only looked at the youth who was glaring at her. He was a charming, handsome youth maybe 13 or 14 years old, but both were at the same height. His face was skewed as though she had aggrieved him to death. He looked like a pincushion to her. She nicknamed him "Pincushion "in her mind right away!

Since Feng Lan felt she was in the wrong, "Sorry. It was my bad not seeing you." And then she smiled.

Song Wei was going to admonish her but when he saw Feng Lan smile for the first time, he thought she was the most beautiful forest fairy that fell from the sky. Since living near the forest and eating good food every day, Feng Lan has become healthier and more glowing. She was thin and slender, her cheeks were pink from the fall, her lips red and curved and to top it off, the mole on top of her lips added a mischievous charm to her. Her eyes were clear like a pool and shining. No one can beat her in beauty except her elder sister Feng Mei and Feng Mei has also recently noticed her growing beauty. No one has noticed her before as her skin was wan and her personality timid and charmless.

Song Wei felt stunned for a moment and he forgot what he wanted to say. Feng Lan gave her apology, took her sack and started walking towards the village.

When Song Wei came to his senses, he shouted, "Stop right there. You fell on this Lord and damaged this Lord's body. A sorry won't cut it. Don't you know how precious this Lord's body is?"

Feng Lan turned around, she looked at him as though looking at a monkey up and down, "Is Lord's body damaged? Why don't I see it?" Then started walking again.

Wei Song didn't expect this response. All the girls that spoke to him either blushed or fawned over him. Even though he is just fourteen, he has been a young master and even the kings of smaller countries are polite to him. Of course, the girls who work at his mom's brothels have tried to seduce him but how can he give his precious body to those people?

Wei Song started following her, "Are you a servant escaping from the monastery? Let's see what this young master can do! I think certain

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