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[User select your race]

After the voice said that, the time froze and my mind was transported to a void, after a few seconds the voice spoke again.

[User select your race]

"What race? where did you take me? who are you?" i said in confusion.

[The System can't decide user's new race but can provide suggestions, this place is user's soul space, finally as for my identity my creator named me Monster System]

"I can't waste time, this may be my only shot to survive, i'll handle this later for now let's see what happens" i thought.

[Optimal Races]

[Ghoul A]

[Orc F]

[Wendigo B]

[Vampire SS]

"What are those?" I asked the system

[Those are System's suggestions based on the current situation of user and compatibility of the body wich is ranked from F to SS, The latter being the highest]

"I have no idea of what is going on but i'm sure that all of those eat humans, is there anything else beside those?"

[Scanning... Complete]

[Treant E]

[Dragonewt F]

[Werewolf X]

[Nagual F]

[Berserker D]

"Wait, why is there an X?, you said the ranks were F to SS"

[System Can't give a proper estimated due to user's special condition, Processing... Answer: User has an special compatibility with the Werewolf Race, System is unable to give a proper rank but user can expect great benefits from it]

"Then make me a Werewolf, and next time you find an X rank, make it priority"

[Command accepted, beginning transformation]

All of sudden my consciousness returned, the Goblins still surrounded me, but the pain was gone and in his place power and rage invaded my body.

My senses were sharper, i could smell every single thing from my blood on the ground to the sweet perfume of Dyna.

Then i saw the Moon and felt her calling me, filling me with power, my body started to burn.

[User is now under the Raging State]


The goblins stoped their song, felt my body changing, my lower jaw went forward, my teeth became fangs, my nails grew until they were claws, my ears were now pointy and my vision went red.

One of the goblins went for a bite and i acted on pure instinct, grabing him by the throat using him as a hammer to pummel the rest of them, sending them flying a few feets enough to allow me stand up.

With the goblin still in my hand, i felt urges to kill it, not for vengeance, retribution or surviving instincts, but for pleasure, so i crushed slowly, enjoying every moment.

"Kaaaaaa! rela..se me doooog kghhh" The goblin said while shaking, his eyes popping out, and his skin taking a darker colour.

Then he tried to cut my arm with his blade and with a quick reaction i intercepted it with my left hand, what happen next surprised me, my claws were sharp enough to cut through the blade like butter.

His futile attempt just fed my primal anger, and in response i pierced the back of his neck with the claws on my right hand, i felt th

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