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Atani and Blake were called to go down to earth and accomplish their mission but before they sent them down Atani asked to be sent from the teleportation machine, Blake felt that something is wrong with his partner but as usual our careless Blake went on without any more consideration and agreed to her request to go through the machine, they reached earth successfully and Blake took out the paper to read the names of the targets but out of nowhere a strong wind stole the paper and took it far away.

Blake:"Oh no we have to catch it or we are going to fail our project"

Atani :"you are the idiot who lost it go Fetch it yourself "

Blake was pretty agitated because of what she said but he had to get the paper so he went on to find it while swearing in anger

In the same time Atani knew the targets because she had already memorized the whole paper and decided to do the mission on her own

To save the effort of dealing with a lazy guy like Blake

Atani:" I have to find the house I'm going to live in first ,then find the target's house that is apparently living next door"

When she reached the destination she looked for the apartment number and found it but the door was slightly opened ,she entered carefully on the tips of her toes ,suddenly a hand approached her

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From behind covering her mouth,she started shivering in fear while thinking who might that person be....

She moved her elbow to the back quickly and hit that person's face and without giving that person a chance to attack she kicked him with her foot in the middle of his legs,that person fell to the ground screaming of pain,Atani realized that voice, It was.....

Ok ok I know these chapters are extremely short but I'm going to make them longer as much as I can see you next chapter(I wish)

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