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Blake dashed and got in the house after closing he door loudly

Stephany:"why did you scare him off like that"

The huge man:"I didn't mean to sweetie"

Stephany:"Don't do it again please also what did you mean my cheeks were red, they totally weren't!"

The huge man:"Ok ok...(He whispered ) They totally were though..."

Stephany:"what did you say"

The huge man:"Nothing sweetie"

Back with Blake and Atani

Atani :"how did it go?"

Blake:"Well pretty good,and you?"

Atani :"smoothly "

But what they didn't know that their actions had terrible consequences,well,what do we expect from the noobs.

The next day

Atani and Blake went together to school at he same time to class

Student A:"are you both dating??."

Atani and Blake answered at the same time with a blunt NO

Student B:"They totally are,so don't tease the couple"

Atani and Blake went to their seats, and ignored all what they said,

The teacher entered the class

Teacher:"A pop quiz,hide your books in your bags and prepare your pens."

All the students were shocked but Atani and Blake Becuase they both studied every thing the human take so that they would be prepared,they solved it pretty fast,Adrian and stephany were both surprised,and in the same time they both were agitated because they couldn't solve the questions pretty well,Blake and Atani stopped the time switched the papers of their deskmates,changed the names,and resolved the new papers then returned every thing to normal,the teacher took the papers,and all the students went back to their homes but Adrian and stephany,because Stephany had to practice piano,so he stayed alone in the class with Atani,Atani heard the music and said

Atani:"what a beautiful playing"

Adrian:"Indeed it is,that is one of the reasons why I like her."

Atani:"Then why didn't you ask her out then ?"

Adrian:"She considers me as her older brother, And if I confess to her then she turned me down that will make me loose her as a friend too,also she has a boyfriend."

In the same time in the piano room

Blake leaned a on the door closing in so that no one would hear them talking

Blake:"You like Adrian don't you?."

Stephany suddenly stopped playing the piano and thought a little bit then said

Stephany:"Hhhow....did you know I was trying to hide it all that time."

Blake:" well you blush every time you see him and look at him during class is that enough of a proof to you?."

Stephany:"Well I do"

Blake:"Then why didn't you confess up until now?"

Stephany:"Because I made him misunderstand me and think that my brother's friend is my boyfriend, also he thinks of me as his little sister so how would I confess to him if he doesn't like me the same way I do."

To be continued

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