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Atani: "We have to plan a way to accomplish this assignment and without any delay"

Blake:"Well I agree but what's the plan?."

Atani:" First ,we have to know more about the targets, who are they?,what do they like to eat or do...."

Atani kept on writing down the things they needed to know about the targets and prepared the outfits for both of them,If I'm being honest, She had a good sense of style.

The following day they got out of the house to go to school,every one was chatting like usual until a wave of silence invaded the class room at the sight of the new students, then suddenly the sounds of the girls screams went through the whole school, even the teacher stood in surprise when he saw the two students standing there.

Atani was wearing a short red skirt with a white shirt, but that wasn't why the boys were wowing, it was because of her lovely figure and beautiful breath taking eyes,they were blue as the sky,her skin was white and soft like the snow,and a long red hair,it was so amazing that it seemed like it was on fire,while Blake had a blue shirt and a pair of jeans, the shirt wasn't totally buttoned, that gave the girls to sneakily peak at his attractive mussels and his mesmerizing red eyes, it was as red as the human blood,with a silky silver hair, one wink only will make the whole class unconscious.

Atani:"Excuse me teacher, aren't we going to introduce ourselves to the class?."

Home room teacher:" Hm....Oh yes yes go on, introduce your selfs"

Atani:"Hi every one,nice to meet you my name is Melody....AHEM AHEM ,teacher can you assign my seat please ."

Home room teacher:"hmmm....ah hmmm sit there next to Adrian then, it's your turn young man."

Blake:" Hello everyone my name is Mike, It is my pleasure to meat you all,especially the ladies."

Blake said so while winking and that caused the screams to get higher that even the principal heard them and sighed

Principle:"I guess the new students arrived to their classes safely"

Home room teacher:" go on and sit next to Stephany ,shall we go back to our class then?."

The students sighed and submitted to the teacher's instructions.....

To be continued

Btw I won't be publishing for a while so thanks again and goodbye

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