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Cupid: "As you all know today is your first day in love angels academy, and I welcome you in our academy and wish you a bright future in becoming love Angels like me."

Secretary: " Sir it's time for the meeting ."

Cupid: " Ok ,Good luck students I have a tv sho...I mean a meeting to attend to,a very important meeting...."

Students went to their classes and started befriending each other, all of them were happily chatting with each other but one student , Atani, Atani was the smartest but most unsociable one out of her class, she never associates with any one unless it's necessary, and as usual she was sitting on the chair out side in the break eating her food alone ,until one of the kids was running and bumped into her hand ,her food fell off , he only left with a sorry while running, Atani leaned down and gathered the scattered food as if nothing had happened and threw it in the garbage then went back to class.


The teacher entered the class and took the attendance

Teacher: " As you all know you as trainees are going to have an assignment to make two people fall in love and your assignments will be evaluated at the end of the year, and for this assignment you will be divided into partners decided by me,first Jade and Mack ,Lilly and Sam...whose left?."

Atani raised her hand but Blake didn't because he was sleeping until his friend woke him up suddenly and said.

Blake:"Whaa what now?!"

Teacher:" Great Blake with Atani ,now let's continue the lesson ,shall we?"

The next day every pair were handed basic information about their targets.

And stood in a line so that they can go down to earth by turn after handing them refillable special equipments and a note with the wanted goals that they should achieve.

To be continued Bye

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